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Shape Magazine is geared for women who take care of themselves through fitness, aerobics, nutrition, etc. The editorial advisory board includes 25 of the most well-respected medical and health care professionals in the country. Contains articles about success stories of women who have changed their lives through healthful habits, and information about different workouts.

One year subscription (12 issues) in the United States is $19.97. Shape's subscription address is: P.O. Box 37207, Boone, IA, 50037-2207. Foreign Subscription Rates are $34.21 for Canada, and $34.97 for orders outside United States. For more information, call (800) 340-8953.

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Information on Shape Magazine:
Updated: July 2002

PublisherJoe Weider
Editor in ChiefBarbara S. Harris
Editorial DirectorAnne M. Russell
Art DirectorJacqueline C. Moorby
Acting Managing EditorJeff Lucia
Assistant Managing EditorLily Maximo Villanueva
Beauty DirectorValerie Latona
Fashion DirectorJulie Hill
Senior Editor Health / FeaturesGail O'Conner
Senior Editor Features / BooksNancy Gottesman
Senior Editor Nutrition / AdventureCarol Jacobs
Senior Editor News / FeturesSharon Cohen
Fitness EditorLinda Shelton
Linda Lewis
Senior Associate EditorAlexa Joy Sherman
Associate EditorMaureen Healy
Assistant EditorAmy Goldhammer
Gear EditorKristin Carpenter
Recipe TesterGregory Epstein
Beauty / Fashion
Fashion EditorKristina Ferrante Coleman
Associate Editor BeautyBeth Janes
Associate Editor FashionCara Shapiro
Editorial Assistant BeautyViolet Moon Gaynor
Editorial Assistant FashionDinah Erasmus
Copy ChiefLaVonne T. Taylor
Senior Copy EditorRichard Cordova
Assistat Research EditorGabrielle Gayagoy
Managing Art DirectorJoseph Ulatowski
Senior Associate Art DirectorDonna Giovannitti
Art AssistantHeather Imo
Production CoordinatorGinah Lasta
Director Photo / CastingMelissa O'Brien
Photo Shoot ProducerAndrea Maurio
Assistant Photo EditorArlyn Petalver
Contributing PhotographersChristophe Jouany
Roni Ramos
Jim Wright
Contributing Editors
EditorsTajinder Reyatt
Suzanne Schlosberg
Elizabeth Somer
Evelyn Tribole
Tracy Teare
Fitness EditorsSusan Canteweel
Rebecaa Gorrell
Dan Kosich
Dixie Stanforth
Lifestyle EditorBeth Rothenberg
Editorial Staff
Director Reader CommunicationsLinda Hurst Mann
Assistant to the Editor in Chief Lynn Perkin
Editorial AssistantsPatricia M. Mueller
Alex Cuellar
Contract AssistantHelen K. Georgilas
Reader Correspondent / LiasonJaime Pick
Consulting EditorBetty Weider
Founding EditorChristine MacIntyre