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May 2003

Shape Magazine is geared for women who take care of themselves through fitness, aerobics, nutrition, etc. The editorial advisory board includes 25 of the most well-respected medical and health care professionals in the country. On the cover is Anne Marie.

May 2003 - Table of Contents

On The Cover

  • Mind Body Q&A
    On sex overload?

  • Free Fast Results Poster
    Bikini Abs and Butt. 15 minutes to a bikini body and jiggle proof arms.

  • Quick Cardio
    Sizzle away the calories.

  • Healthy Foods That Make You Overeat
    These facts will surprise even the savviest consumer.

  • Low Cal Energy Smoothies
    These high nutrient, creamy shakes provide the get up and go you need all day long.

  • 10 Lifesaving Gyno Facts
    Don't be shy. Your doctor wants you to ask these questions.

Special Section

  • Special Section
    Shape's Essential Guide to Summer

  • Beauty Secrets
    Of Hawaiian Spas

  • How To Make A Good Summer Better
    Three strategies that can boost your happiness quotient and make your season the best that it can be.

  • Get Beach Ready By June 1st
    An easier way to get lean. Try our tone allover stability ball workout.

  • Say Aloha to a Slimmer You
    Hawaiian inspired recipes for weight loss and increased energy.

  • This Side of Paradise
    Fashions for romance and adventure.

  • Cellulite? Try our Total Skin Makeover
    Better skin in 4 weeks! Here is how.

  • Sexy Swimsuits You Will Love
    Show off all your curves.

  • An Itsy Bitsy History of the Teeny Weeny Bikini
    From the 1940s through 2003:a retrospective.

Shape Your Life

  • Shape Your Life News
    Good reasons to gripe; ending weight problems for good; make your own luck; are you addicted to exercise; how to have a more restful vacation; do you have Survivor fantasies?

  • Life Lessons
    An apology can be incredibly powerful - for you, as well as the recipient.

  • Get Motivated
    Want to eat right and exercise for a lifetime? Then you must get some pleasure out of it. Here's how to create a plan you'll actually enjoy.

  • Venture Out
    Girlfriend getaways.

  • Make Over Your Body And Your Life
    In this exclusive excerpt from the new book Shape Your Life: 4 Weeeks to a Better Body - and a Better Life, you will learn how to balance the seven elements of total fitness to be happier, healthier and more successful.

Look Great

  • Look Great News
    A faster, easier way to whiter teeth; the latest bronzers and sunless tanners; and more.

  • Beauty Rx
    Banish spider and varicose veins.

  • Beauty Q&A
    How can I keep my makeup from melting or fading when the weather gets warm? And more of your questions answered.

  • Beauty in Action
    We soaked, scrubbed, massaged and moisturized our hands and feet with 170 different products to bring you these top winners.

Get Fit

  • Get Fit News
    A double duty at home exercise move; running safety; and more.

  • Do It Right
    One great yoga pose.

  • Fitness Q&A
    I do 12 hours of exercise a week. Do I really need to strength train too?; and more of your questions answered.

  • Target Training
    Redefine your thighs.

  • Weight Loss Q&A
    Does it get harder to lose weight each time you gain it back? And more of your questions answered.

  • Success Stories
    One woman discover strength training; another loses 60 pounds; yet another drops 75.

Think Healthy

  • Think Healthy News
    End emotional overeating; the latest on yo-yo dieting; women and breast cancer; and more.

  • Health
    Heart disease kills more women every year than all cancers combined. Good heart health begins in your 20s and 30s. Here are four lifestyle changes to start making today.

  • Time Out
    After her initial embarrassment, she realized that last place has bragging rights all its own.

Eat Right

  • Eat Right News
    The twice a day cereal diet; will water suppress appetite; keep your child from packing on pounds; know what's in your food' the Glycemix Index demystified; and more.

In Every Issue

  • Director's Letter: by Barbara Harris, M.A.
  • Editor's Letter: by Anne M. Russell
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