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December 2002

Shape Magazine is geared for women who take care of themselves through fitness, aerobics, nutrition, etc. The editorial advisory board includes 25 of the most well-respected medical and health care professionals in the country. On the cover is Christy Turlington.

December 2002 - Table of Contents

On The Cover

  • Flawless Skin Secrets
    Complexion perfecting foundations just for you.

  • New Research
    The hidden link between emotions and infertility. You can boost your odds of conceiving.

  • The truth about Detox Diets
    And more of your questions answered.

  • Trim Your Thighs
    Go from flab to fab legs in three fast moves.

  • Chocolate Indulgences
    Decadent desserts without the calories. Satisfy your cravings with these no bake recipes.

  • Get Fast Results
    3 moves a day to flat abs, a better butt and toned arms. Stay strong and lean and beat holiday weight gain.

  • Not Losing weight?
    Eight surprising reasons - and the east diet solutions. The culprits that sabotage your weight loss.

Shape Your Life

  • Shape Your Life News
    Power lists can help you succeed; Give gifts that give back; and more.

  • Mind Body Q&A
    I am in my 20's and have decided not to become a mother. What can I tell family and friends who discount my feelings by insisting 'You will change your mind".

  • Venture Out
    Tropical island fitness: from Hawaii to Belize, for balmy isles for your outdoor pleasures.

Look Great

  • Look great news
    An easy way to shop for the holidays; A few of our favorite things; Cozy chic; and more.

  • Beauty Q&A
    My nails are brittle. Which products will make them strong?

  • Metal Shop
    Gold, silver or bronze, these winning gifts and style are first on our holiday shopping list.

Get Fit

  • Get Fit News
    Find a balance between light and hard workouts for best results; A four season ski resort; Keep your joints from jumping; Win a fabulous fitness makeover; and more!

  • Do It Right!
    Lift and firm your butt with one incredibly precise move for leaner legs and a well toned tush.

  • Gear Update
    The best cross trainers: our top picks - some new, some tried and true - to keep you in step with your favorite workouts.

  • Weight Loss Diary
    Jill turns over a new leaf as she celebrates a milestone birthday - and her final column.

  • Success Stories
    One your woman changes her diet and helps control both her weight and a chronic health condition; another loses the 100 plus pounds she put on in college.

Think Healthy

  • Think Healthy News
    Holiday stress busters; Supplements that increase your sex drive; The latest news on the cold front; and more.

  • Time Out
    A reformed two fisted cake eater reveals how she survives the season's get together's without jumping a clothing size.

Eat Right

  • Eat Right News
    Predict whether you are likely to gain weight in the next decade; Use your brain to prevent holiday overeating; The best fast foods; Common Food Allergies; and more.

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