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Winter 2001

Shape Magazine is geared for women who take care of themselves through fitness, aerobics, nutrition, etc. The editorial advisory board includes 25 of the most well-respected medical and health care professionals in the country. On the cover is Janet Jackson.

Winter 2001 - Table of Contents


  • Cover Story
    All For Her: In an exclusive interview, Janet Jackson gets candid about her fantastic new shape and how she's finally found her inner peace.

  • Viewpoint
    The Big Pictures: From Scarlett O'Hara corsets to Linda Hamilton's bulging biceps, we take a look at the silver screen images that have changed the way women see themselves.

  • The Hot 20
    The Fit List: The 20 hottest celebrities on the planet, from Britney Spears to Matthew McConaughey, reveal their secrets for achieving a fit mind, body and soul.

  • Hall of Fame
    Walk the Walk: Which celebrities have remained committed to a healthy lifestyle through the years.

The Front

  • 10 New Reasons to Watch TV
    Check out the 10 newest and fitness actors on the small screen this fall.

  • Say What?
    Talk to the Town: Celebs weigh in on nutrition and fitness.

  • Reader Poll
    The Votes Are In! Your choices for the most inspirational bodies in Hollywood.

  • Starfinder
    A Map of Their World: Where Hollywood goes to get fit, eat right and find inner peace.

Look Great

  • Pop Divas Moonlight as Designing Women
    Destiny's Child breaks into the fashion biz with a new line of custom jeans.

  • 10 Questions
    More, more, Moore: Pop princess Mandy Moore goes on the record with her primping rituals.

  • Beauty Bio
    Glamous Girl: Lauren Garham, star of Gilmore Girls, give us the scoop on what's in here makeup bag, her ugliest moment, and that hair.

  • Stuff!
    Celebriity Marketplace: What beauty products are Julia Roberts, Madonna, Kim Cattrall, Ashley Judd, Julianne Moore and Meg Ryan using right now?

  • Glamour Gurus
    Get gorgeous: Style and beauty insiders reveal how the help Jennifer Lopez , Julia Roberts, Heather Locklear and Maria Crey look gorgeous from head to toe.

Get Fit

  • Hollywood Defends Itself - Israeli Style
    Try Krav Maga for a butt kicking workout.

  • Right Now
    The five hottest celebrity gyms; the tunes four up and comers sweat to; how to get your own custom built, luxury home gym.

  • Fitness Q&A
    Take a Hike: What's the best way to prepare for a hiking trip? Can yoga do for you what it's done for Madonna?

  • Target Training
    Sets in the City: The View's Lisa Ling tries out a low impact body conditioning workout.

  • Trainer Roundup
    You Talking to Me?: Some of New York City's top personal trainers tell us how they motivate their celebrity clients.

  • Success Story
    Julie Moran's Postpartum Form: The Entertainment Tonight cohost sheds her post baby pounds.

  • Fitness Journey
    She's a Survivor: Sarah Ferguson emerges stronger than ever from her public battles with her weight and the media.

Think Healthy

  • Hollywood Trend Alert
    What's everybody into? Jin Shin Jyutsu: Discover the Japanese healing technique that has all of Hollywood in a state of true Zen.

  • Fitness Forecast
    Downward Facing Dog Anyone? Yoga may be the celebrity fitness trend du jour, but does it have staying power for the rest of us?

  • 5 Questions
    Straight Up: TV Talk show host Ananda Lewis speaks out on women's issues inside the music industry.

  • Wellness Break
    Star Treatment: We pamper Meet the Parents Teri Polo at New York City's famed Bliss57 Spa.

  • My Story
    No Laughing Matter: After a no so funny struggle with her own body image, comedienne Margaret Cho takes charge.

Eat Right

  • Bottoms Up Hollywood!
    Cool 'Elixir' serves up Healthy Tonics to the Stars: Is this popular herbal teahouse at the fore of a major Hollywood health trend?

  • Star Recipes
    The Hunger: Celebrity restaurateurs Cameron Diaz, Kevin Costner and others share their exclusive gourmet recipes.

  • Dining Out
    Canned Ham: Three Sisters star Vicki Lewis talks about nutrition, diets and the treats she just wont go without.

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