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September 2000

Shape Magazine is geared for women who take care of themselves through fitness, aerobics, nutrition, etc. The editorial advisory board includes 25 of the most well-respected medical and health care professionals in the country. On the cover is Christy Turlington.

September 2000 - Table of Contents

On the Cover

  • How to Stop Starving Your Soul
    In our zeal to be thin, we've forgotten that food is essential to life - and even a pleasure.

  • 3 Moves to Shape Your Body
    One on One: Work your glutes tighter with more reps.

  • Taste More, Eat Less
    Portion control is easy when you make your dishes high in flavor.

  • Exclusive: The Anti-Cellulite Workout
    A new exercise approach based on breakthrough research. It works!

  • Christy's Curves
    Christy Turlington's secret yoga moves for strength.

  • Get A Gym Body
    Whether you go to the gym or not. Two complete routines - one for home, one for the gym - with nearly identical results.

  • How to Outsmart Your Fat Genes
    Are you born to be wide? Here is how to work with, rather than against, your anchestors' biology.

  • The Best and Worst Diets
    Popular diet books: The good, the bad, our fave. Shape's Hot List.

Get Fit

  • Do It Right
    Tight abs: Tone your torso with a new twist on abdominal training.

  • Weight Loss Q&A
    Our answers to your questions: Can you really lose after years of yo-yo dieting? How do you break a night time snack habit? Does a low carb diet cause hair loss?

  • Weight Loss Diary
    Never ending journey: Courtney Rubin shares what she's learned after a year of ups and downs.

  • Success Stories
    After a lifelong battle with her weight, one woman takes a giant step forward; a single mom find just the right balance in her life.

  • Log On and Lose Weight
    How interactive Web sites can help you succeed where other methods have failed.

Go Places

  • Five Best Weight Loss Spas
    At these fun filled fitness meccas, you will learn to lose weight without sacrifice.

Eat Right

  • Shopping Smart
    No beef burgers: Delicious low fat veggie patties.

  • Recipe Makeover
    Peanut Butter swirl brownies

  • Island Health Secrets
    Eat like the people of Crete for a longer life.

Think Healthy

  • New Medicine Front
    Viargra for women? … what's really in that bottle of juice … and more.

  • In Shape Fitness Special
    Why you may not be losing weight … your virtual personal trainer … female friendly fitness equipment … and more.

  • Health
    Shape picks the 10 fittest cities in America.

  • Shape Exclusive: Women's Heath and You
    The office of Research of Women's Health celebrates a decade of medical breakthroughs. How the new research helps you.

  • Shape Your Life
    Live your dreams: It's never too late to fulfill an old ambition. size=+1>Health

    When the doc's out: How other pros in your HMO can help you.

Look Great

  • Style Front
    Ten get active fall pieces.

  • Beauty Front
    Better skin through science… no metal mouth teeth straightening… and more.

  • Beauty In Action
    Foundation that's good for your skin.

  • Facing Fall
    Eight bold, yet surprisingly natural ways to rethink the season.

  • Day in, Day Out
    From you're a.m. meditation to office deadline, six fall looks you will love.

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