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January 2002

Shape Magazine is geared for women who take care of themselves through fitness, aerobics, nutrition, etc. The editorial advisory board includes 25 of the most well-respected medical and health care professionals in the country. On the cover is Elsa Benitez.

January 2002 - Table of Contents

On The Cover

  • O Calorie Chocolate Indulgence
    Slather It On! Go ahead, have some of the latest chocolate based beauty products this winter.

  • 5 Gyno Problems Most Women Miss
    But shouldn't. Avoid misreading symptoms and putting yourself at risk for serious consequences.

  • Lowfat & Easy Comfort Foods
    Soup's on! Three sensational one pot meals.

  • Get Motivated Special
    A stick with it workout for quick results. Here is the key to staying committed to getting in shape.

  • Weight Loss Surgery
    The Facts. What anyone thinking about the operation should not.

  • Lose Fat Now!
    These foods will make it happen. Want to keep your weight down and live long and healthy? Here is how.

  • 50 Ways to Stay Clam, Healthy & Strong
    In stressful times. Keeping your life together in an uncertain world may not be as hard as you think.

  • Shape Tested: 6 Best Moves to Sexy Legs
    We tested 50 popular exercises. These six most effectively sculpt your calves, things and butt.

Shape Your Life

  • Shape Your Life News
    Including; a new link between stress relief and exercise; making New Year's resolutions stick; Weight Loss Diary update; and more.

  • Venture Out
    6 Healthy island paradises: If you have had enough of winter and indoor workouts, check out these sunny butt busting alternatives to the gym.

Look Great

  • Look Great News
    Including Sweet scents for winter blues; New, longer wear contact lenses; The fashion secret to strong, sexy shoulders, and more.

  • Beauty Q&A
    Skin smoothing shots: What kind of injectables work to eliminate wrinkles.

  • Beauty in Action
    Thin soap is too harsh. Think again. Cleansing bars that are making a comeback. Here are the best ones for your skin type.

  • Take Home The Spa
    Re-create the 10 most luxurious experiences in your own bathroom.

  • First Report
    Revitalize your winter weary self in refreshingly simple spa style.

Get Fit

  • Get Fit News
    Exercises that helps prevent breast cancer; The truth about ab-exercises gizmos; and more.

  • Do It Right
    Boost your bust: Lift and improve he overall appearance of your chest with one great move.

  • Target Training
    Get a beautiful back with these three moves.

  • Fitness Q&A
    How many calories does gaining muscle burn? Can you 'set your body up' to lose more fat? The best way to avoid shin splints; and more.

  • Success Stories
    Her son's honest prods one woman to lose 60 pounds. Another finds a 'diet' that works.

  • Weight Loss Diary
    Tired of gimmicks, yo-yo dieting and the paunch in her belly, this writer is ready for lasting weight loss.

  • Weight Loss Q&A
    The truth about low carb diets; Crash dieting for a wedding; The best Fats; and more.

Think Healthy

  • Think Healthy News
    Lifestyle changes that will improve your sex life; Weight loss tactics that work; Overcoming bad dreams; and more.

  • Time Out
    A better weight: Even a 'skinny scale' was not a good measure of her progress.

Eat Right

  • Eat Right News
    Ultra lowfat noodles; Limit choices to save calories; and more.

  • Nutrition
    Cocktails and calories: Here are the breakdowns for your favorite bar beverages.

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