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January 2001

Shape Magazine is geared for women who take care of themselves through fitness, aerobics, nutrition, etc. The editorial advisory board includes 25 of the most well-respected medical and health care professionals in the country. On the cover is Yamila Diaz.

January 2001 - Table of Contents

On the Cover

  • Make just 1 change and lose weight
    Choose one of five diet tweaks - each with big payoffs - to start losing now.

  • Get motivated
    Can't stick to a fitness program? Use this mega results workout and motivation guide to change your body forever.

  • Sex Diseases
    New Medicine Front: Sexually transmitted infections that you're more likely to get than he is… also, how to find an alternative doctor.

  • Target Your Thighs: 3 moves
    Sculpt your legs in less time with Target Training.

  • Beat Burnout
    Shape Your Life: Five ways even the busiest bees can stay sane.

  • We Guarantee You Great Abs!
    Check out this brand new (no crunch) workout.

  • Health Special: Up All Night?
    If so, you could be missing a key fitness link. How skimping on sleep sets you back.

Get Fit

  • Do It Right
    The no fat back: Create a sexy, slimmer silhouette with the lat pull down.

  • Weight Loss Q&A
    Does having liposuction in one area cause you to gain in another? Answers to this and more…

  • Weight Loss Diary
    Courtney Rubin wrestles wit her feat of looking ridiculous.

  • Success Story
    A woman with bulimia fuels up and get healthy; a military wife loses weight with group exercise classes.

Go Places

  • The Road To Hana
    Travel in Style: Swap your working girl shoes for sandals and hop on a plane to an island paradise. Plus, what else to wear while you're there.

Eat Right

  • Nutrition
    Fast food backlash: Some nutritionists are saying it's time to stop rushing and enjoy food again.

  • Cooking Class
    Meatloaf Makeover: With a clever fat reducing twist, this meatloaf is like Mom's, but modern and healthy (one of our newest departments).

  • Shape Hot List: Breakfast Boosters
    Fourteen ways to break you're a.m. rut.

Think Healthy

  • In Shape
    What to watch for when you're looking for a Pilate classs… how to do the perfect pull up… another reason why fiber is good for you.

  • Health
    Does stress hurt fertility? Yes, but with one of these mind body programs, 42 percent of women conceive within 6 months.

  • Body Language
    Why do we keep dieting? New answers to the questions of what keeps us dieting despite near consistent failure.

Look Great

  • Style Front
    New ways to wear a classic shirt… a cool, new gadget to keep your life togheter… four pieces to help your fitness and fashion resolutions.

  • Beauty in Action
    Hair Rehab: Eight steps to making every day a great hair day.

  • Yoga Glow
    Five secrets to outer radiance.

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