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December 2000

Shape Magazine is geared for women who take care of themselves through fitness, aerobics, nutrition, etc. The editorial advisory board includes 25 of the most well-respected medical and health care professionals in the country. On the cover is Daniela Pestova.

December 2000 - Table of Contents

On the Cover

  • What Your OB / GYN Might Be Missing
    Eight red flags. Beyond the Pap smear: How to get the most from your exam.

  • 3 Moves To A Sexy BackOne on One: Get sculpted and ready for backless dresses with three super moves.

  • Low Fat Holiday Recipes in 15 Minutes Max
    Yule Sides: Five no panic solutions to the 'what do I bring to this holiday party?' dilemma

  • Tired of Being Tired
    Fight fatigue with fitness: Here is a workout plan to turn your exhaustion into energy.

  • Work Your Whole Body in 20 Minutes
    With our 5 smartest dumbbell moves. Strapped for time? Here is the best total body shape up you can do at home or the gym.

  • 50 Stress Busters
    What you must do to enjoy the season more.

  • The No Binge Party Plan
    Our no fail steps and strategies will help you make it through this season without setting your body back - and you will still have fun, too.

  • Blast 1,000 Calories
    Lose weight faster with just 3 cardio workouts a week. The Holiday Flab Fighting Workout. Banish calories and get fit this season.

Get Fit

  • Do It Right
    A one move wonder that sculpts your abs and lower back and your shoulders and arms too.

  • Weight Loss Diary
    Survivor! Courtney Rubin hangs tough when her life gets out of control.

  • Weight Loss Q&A
    Can jumping rope help you lose weight? How to get back into a running routine? Are spider veins related to weight gain? And much more….

  • Success Stories
    One woman uses just rewards for weight loss; another's secret for success conquers her college weight gain, once and for all.

  • The Shape Hot List
    Fitness stocking stuffers; nine great gift finds for your friends - or you.

Go Places

  • Venture Out
    Fire and Ice! Have an erobic blast whether you are wintering in the sun or the snow.

Eat Right

  • Nutrition
    Need more C and E? If you are confused about the latest antioxidant RDA's, you are not alone.

  • Recipe Makeover
    Low fat (an delicious!) Cranberry Bread.

Think Healthy

  • New Medicine Front
    How to choose an herbalist… and know what your doctor knows.

  • In Shape
    Stretching myths busted… easy ways to cut fat in holiday favorites… the perfect squat for a better butt… and more.

  • Shape Your Life
    Soul Revivers: You are taking care of your body, but are you satisfying your soul? The suprising power of rituals.

Look Great

  • Style Front
    A foot friendly shoe for sexy legs… three takes on a go anywhere skirt… five gifts of gold.

  • Beauty Front
    Adding shimmer to your holiday makeup… why being 'blue' is good this season… a new scent for your favorite pooch… and more…

  • Beauty in Action
    Beauty Booty: Can't miss feel good gifts from $14-$45.

  • Cold Snap
    Wrap yourself in front free chic.

  • 10 Minute Beauty Solution
    Quick tricks to enhance your holiday look.

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