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August 2001

Shape Magazine is geared for women who take care of themselves through fitness, aerobics, nutrition, etc. The editorial advisory board includes 25 of the most well-respected medical and health care professionals in the country. On the cover is Tatiana Zavialova.

August 2001 - Table of Contents

On The Cover

  • The Best Sunscreens
    Beauty in Action: We found the top 12 products to moisturize, protect and give your skin a grease free summer glow.

  • 3 Movies for Beautiful Legs
    Target Training: Three Multimuscle moves that really deliver.

  • Quiz: Is Lack of Sleeping Making You Fat?
    Health: How much sleep do you need? Here are a few facts that may surprise you.

  • Celebrity Trainer Exclusive:
    Stellar Abs in Four Moves. Personal Trainers to the stars reveal their best ab moves and slim down secrets.

  • How Impatience is hurting your health?
    Quit rushing strategies to help you sta cool.

  • 5 Fabulous fitness and Beauty Makeovers
    We revamped five Shape reader's beauty and fitness routines just in time for their class reunions.

  • Weight Loss Special: New Low Fat Cooking Secrets
    Love crispy, flavorful foods? You still get the crunch and taste without the unhealthful

Shape Your Life

  • Shape Your Lie News
    How to become a Shape Success Story; What you smile says about your future; and more.

  • Life Lessons
    Working through a personal crisis: From how much to tell your boss to how to handle sticky private phone calls, here is how to survive with your job, and sanity, intact.

Look Great

  • Look Great News
    Getting rosy skin right now; the perfect sweater; gym bag must haves; the best boots for autumn; and more.

  • Beauty Q&A
    Do you need a different deodorant in the summer? What's the best way to prevent blackheads?

  • Ranch Dressing
    taking the reins wearing this season's most inspired looks.

Get Fit

  • Get Fit News
    Ways to keep your knees injury free; the truth about workout gadgets; and more.

  • Do It Right
    Define your arms and shoulders; one simple move to a strong, shapely look.

  • Fitness Q&A
    Will spinning bulk up your thighs? The fact about caffeine and its effect on your works; and more.

  • Venture Out
    Looking for a little adventure? You don't have to be superfit or experienced to take an active vacation. A city's guide to discovering the wilds.

  • Success Stories
    One woman realizes the many benefits of exercise; a college student discovers the keys to weight loss.

  • Weight Loss Q&A
    Dealing with new couple weight gain; curing an insatiable appetite; losing weight on a vegan diet; and more.

  • Weight Loss Diary
    Breaking through: Why is it so hard to start losing weight again?

  • The Sexy Side of Stretching
    Essential moves for a beautiful, limber body.

Think Healthy

  • Think Health News
    Reviving sexual interest; skin saving gear; the best weight loss Web sites; and more.

  • Time Out
    Body image reborn: One woman though pregnancy would ruin her figure. Little did she know how much she'd love her changing shape.

Eat Right

  • Eat Right News
    Eat to prevent muscle cramps; what your food cravings mean; and more.

  • Fast Foods
    Four no cook dinners: Create cool meals with a visit to your neighborhood produce stand.

In Every Issue

  • Editor's Letter: by Barbara Harris, M.A.
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