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August 2000

Shape Magazine is geared for women who take care of themselves through fitness, aerobics, nutrition, etc. The editorial advisory board includes 25 of the most well-respected medical and health care professionals in the country. On the cover is Gabrielle Reece.

August 2000 - Table of Contents

On the Cover

  • One Great Move to Bust Your Butt
    Do it right with a new twist on the traditional lunge.

  • Post Binge RX: The Morning After Diet
    Shape your life with our get back on track plan.

  • Weight Loss Diary
    She's back! After a 14 pound relapse, Courtney Rubin is losing again.

  • 11 Ways to Beat Stress
    Smart things you can do to save your mind and body.

  • The Best New Way to Train Your Abs
    Six pilates inspired moves for fab abdominals.

  • How to East Out and Still Lose Weight
    Dine out at American and ethnic eateries without gaining an ounce.

  • Fatigue, Weight Gain, Hair Loss
    The symptoms you should never ignore.

  • A Shape Workout Exclusive! Get Sexy Muscles
    Secrets from two awesome athletes help you reach your physical best. Plus, the exercises that make them world class.

Get Fit

  • In The Gym With Elise Neal
    The star of 'The Hughleys' stays in shape with Bootcamp, Tae Bo and old fashioned weight workouts.

  • One on One
    Build a beautiful back: Three moves that sculpt your muscles and balance your strength to get rid of the slouch.

  • Weight Loss Q&A
    The 800 calories a day myth. Does hiding food mean an eating disorder? Why one set lifting is as good as three; and more.

  • Success Stories
    Overcoming a debilitating injury leaves a mom happily healthy; a longtime yo-yo dieter learns to tame tension with exercise; running it off helps one woman find the athlete within her.

  • Just Out
    Prime Cut: Go for maximum muscle and flexibility in Reebok's Final Cuts class.

Go Places

  • Venture Out
    Everywoman's Alaska: Whether you want to kayak, climb glaciers or just enjoy fresh crab, the state ferry is the way to go.

Eat Right

  • Fast Food: Chicken Delights
    Four easy, low fat recipes.

  • Shopping Smart
    Chip Shape: The Best tasting potato, corn and other leaned up snack chips.

  • Recipe Makeover
    Grilled veggie salad.

  • Nutrition Quiz
    Famous food fibs: Test yourself. We're betting you've been fooled.

Think Healthy

  • New Medicine Front
    An anti-depressant supplement? Herbal PMS remedies How dreams can heal and more.

  • In Shape
    Should you hire a cyber trainer? Adjust your attitude to be a winner in sports body part yoga the nutritional wonders of the watermelon and more.

  • Health
    When the doc's out: How other pros in your HMO can help you.

Look Great

  • Style Front
    Blah busters: Work out in a blast of this season's hottest colors.

  • Beauty Front
    Garden variety beauty sheer delights do it yourself facial peel and more.

  • Beauty in Action
    Golden Girls: Aspiring Olympians reveal their secrets to sweating pretty.

  • Water Works
    Turn your bath or shower into a pleasure packed flight of fancy.

  • Time Out
    Gabrielle Reece lounges in her favorite end of summer essentials.

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