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July 2001

Shape Magazine is geared for women who take care of themselves through fitness, aerobics, nutrition, etc. The editorial advisory board includes 25 of the most well-respected medical and health care professionals in the country. On the cover is Nathalia Costa.

July 2001 - Table of Contents

On The Cover

  • Reverse Summer Skin Damage
    Look great news: The newest anti-aging weapons.

  • Awesome Arms in Just One Quick Simple Move
    Do It Right: One clean sweep for more beautiful triceps.

  • Great Abs - Guaranteed
    Target training: Three new ways for a more bareable belly.

  • Fast Food Land Mines!
    Nutrition: You can make low fat, low calorie choices at the drive through. Our dine and dash guide.

  • Get The Body You Want
    Lean Strong and Fit: Total Body Workouts. Customize your workout to lose fat, increase endurance, build muscle and tone up from head to toe.

  • The Zen Diet
    Eat More, Weight Less. How you can use feng shui to drop excess pounds.

  • How To Work Less, Sleep more and Just Say No!
    To Protect Your Health! Daily lifestyle choices that you might think are harmless could make you sick, but with a few simple changes, you can reclaim good health.

Shape Your Life

  • Shape Your Life News
    Face your fitness phobias… get psyched for summer… and more.

  • Life Lessons
    How to take a real vacation. Leave your laptop and cellphone behind, and reap the health benefits of 'you' time.

Look Great

  • Beauty Q&A
    How to face sun spots. Plus, the best way conceal dark undereye circles.

  • Beauty in Action
    Fuss free summer makeup; Skip the heavy foundations and powders - and opt for this season's coolest hues.

  • New Wave
    Three body confident athletes dive into summer in this season's best active styles. All you need to follow their lead is a stay put bikini and a few easy to pull on extras.

  • Beat the Heat Hair
    How to stay cool - no matter what your summer tress distress.

Get Fit

  • Get Fit News
    Weight training without injury… a better exercise band workout… the newest hot weather wear… and more.

  • Venture Out
    Looking for adventure? Head north, where even the costliest vacations are in your price range.

  • Success Stories
    One woman changes her eating habits without giving up her favorite foods and loses weight; another woman ignores gimmicks and wins the lifelong battle with her weight.

  • Weight Loss Q&A
    Will breastfeeding help you return to your pre-pregnancy weight faster? Figuring out how many calories you've burned, and more.

Think Healthy

  • Think Healthy News
    How much water do you really need? New sun protection choices… how to deal with travel anxieties, and more.

  • Body Language
    Beauty's empty promises: So many of us go to extreme measures to improve our appearance, but just what do we get in return.

  • Time Out
    Back in a bikini: Sixteen years, 10 pounds and two kids ago, her body was bikini ready. Now at 40, her mind is.

Eat Right

  • Eat Right News
    Recipe for the perfect summer drink; What is your favorite fast food?; and more.

  • Fast Food
    Fear free crepes: Three quickie meals that are surprisingly easy to make.

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