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National Physique Committee
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NPC News is considered the 'voice' for the National Physique Committee, which sanctions hundreds of amateur bodybuilding and fitness events. The magazine is full of articles, features, interviews, contests results, and information dedicated for the amateur athletes of bodybuilding and fitness. It contains lots of great pictures, and updates. If you are an amateur bodybuilder, take a look at this magazine. It serves the organization as its news and information vehicle. Its purpose is to serve the membership of the NPC.

One year subscription (6 issues): For more info, call (412) 276-5027, or write to: NPC, P.O. Box 3711, Pittsburgh, PA, 15230.

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Updated: June 2009

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Publisher: National Physique Committee
of the USA, Inc.
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Executive Editor: Harry Wulff
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Creative Designs
Senior Writer:J.M. Manion
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Mike Lackner
Mike Davies
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