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July / August 2002

The NPC News is a magazine which cannot be purchased on magazine shelves. It is published for members of the NPC. It is a excellent magazine for those who are in the NPC, and for those who enjoy amateur bodybuilding, and learning about bodybuilders who soon will vie for Professional status. It's new section is also for the NPC Fitness, which is growing rapidly. It also features articles on a number of bodybuilding contests. On the cover is 2002 Two Time NPC Wheelchair National Overall Champion Carlo Trenti, photographed by J.M. Manion in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.

July / August 2002 - Table of Contents
Issue #87, Volume 16, Number 4

Regular Features

  • Tips
    Chest by King Kamali.

  • Around the NPC and IFBB too
    Pictures and story from the 2002 Arnold Fitness Weekend,

  • Contest Activity Report
    NPC Regional and National Contests around the USA.

  • NPC Fitness Corner
    This issue features Carla Sanchez, from Denver, Colorado.
Articles and Highlights

  • 2002 NPC Wheelchair National
    Date is March 16, 2002. Location is the William T. Dwyer Auditorium, in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. Promoter is Frank Dalto. Winners include Carlo Trenti, Jack McCann, Clarence Dickerson, Joe Wickline, Colt Wynn, and Jesse McKinney.

  • 2002 NPC Junior USA
    Date April 27, 2002. Location is the Adams Mark Hotel Exhibition Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvannia. Promoter is Bob Bonham. Winners include Adams Lyons, Heather Hulseburg, Angela Mraz, Kimberly Scheidler, Debra Dunn, Bridget Jeffers, Carlo Alunan, Art Suwannarute, Jeffrey Haithcox, Paul Reneman, Joseph Baglio, Vivianna Requena, and Kimberly Rogers.

  • 2001 NPC Midwest Iron Man / Ironmaiden
    Promoters are Dr. Fred and Mary Ann Clary, at Minneapolis, Minnesota. Winners include Carl Oguamanam, Maressia Twele, Sterling Wrase, Jim Axtman, Willie Burston, Herman Ohr, Stephanie Houwman, Reem Khashou, and Kelly Patrick.

  • 2001 NPC Arizona Open
    Promoter is Miles Nuessle, at Phoenix, Arizona. Winners include Robert Farrow, Loan Leonard, Lucianna Bell, Jennifer Long, Nate Olivas, Gene Dekker, John Eurich, Andy Gerasimois, Nita Wilson and Shirley Burds.

  • 2001 NPC East Coast Tournament of Champions
    Promoter is Yohnnie Shambourger, location is Alexandria, Virginia. Winners include Joseph Ament, Tina Higgins, Curtis Bradham, Richard Simms, Kerry King, Tracey Garrett, Stephen John, Carlos Charleston, Roderick Kirkland, and Brian Iverson.

  • 2001 NPC Ironman Magazine Naturally
    Promoter Jon Lindsay, in Culver City, California. Winners include Thomas Krusic, Pete Seamans, Israel Corona, Shirley Burns, Emery Miller, Jesse Sabater, Andre Bravo, Alfred Semaan, Enrique Romaro, Stephan Kumner, and Reginald Bradley.

  • 2001 IFBB Pittsburgh Pro Fitness
    This contest is promoted by Jim Manion, and is the last contest to have you qualify for the Fitness Olympia. This year, the top 7 of this contest would qualify for the Fitness Olympia. First place was Kelly Ryan, second was Jen Hendershott, 3rd was Adela Garcia Friedmansky, 4th was Nicole Hobbs, 5th was Melissa Frabbiele, 6th was Laura Makowski, and 7th was Jennifer Hanke.

  • 2001 NPC Los Angeles Championships
    Promoted by Jon Lindsay and Ted Williamson, in Culver City, California, Winners include Dan Steale, Bebe Giraldo, Hope Zarro, Elaina Monroe, Kim Higley, Reed Anders, John Paysor, Rod Young, Nancy Browning, Patty Alberto, Leigh Anna Ross, Rondy Gomez, Guillermo Escalante, John Noonan, Michael Erbas, National Brock, and Jerome Ferguson.

  • 2001 NPC Miama Beach
    Winners include Betty Otaolo, Ike Moya, Nestor Amores, Jeffrey Castro, Jackie Christopher, and John Lopez.

  • 2001 NPC Virginia
    Winners include Angela Ingram, Audrey Turner, Curtis Bryant, Anjeleague Laufer, Caroline Gingerich, Tommy Jefferson, Billy Yancey, Will Usher Jr., Phyllis Jordan, William Fox, and B.W. Garrett.