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May / June 2002

The NPC News is a magazine which cannot be purchased on magazine shelves. It is published for members of the NPC. It is a excellent magazine for those who are in the NPC, and for those who enjoy amateur bodybuilding, and learning about bodybuilders who soon will vie for Professional status. It's new section is also for the NPC Fitness, which is growing rapidly. It also features articles on a number of bodybuilding contests. On the cover is 2001 NPC All Armed Forces National overall champions Michael D. Smith and Shelly Sergeant photographed by J.M. Manion in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

May / June 2002 - Table of Contents
Issue #86, Volume 16, Number 3

Regular Features

  • Tips
    Delts / Traps. By Trick Jackson, 2001 NPC Team Universe Welterweight champion.

  • Around the NPC
    Pictures and story from the 2001 NPC National Bodybuilding and Fitness Championships, held in Atlanta, Georgia.

  • Contest Activity Report
    NPC Bodybuilding, Fitness and Figure shows around the United States.

  • NPC Fitness Corner
    Tracey Greenwood, from Claymont, Delaware.
Articles and Highlights

  • 2001 NPC All Armed Forces National
    Date was September 8, 2001, at Virginia Beach avilion, Virginia Beach, Virginia. Winners include Michael D. Smith, Shelly Sergeant, Neil Beauford, Feleasa Dunmeyer, David Mays, Tonia Jorner, Adrienne Holmes, Kenya Harrison, Quentin Randolph, Timothy M. Jackson, Michael Green, Darrick C. Kelly and Jeffrey Bedgood

  • 2001 NPC Master's National
    Date was July 20 and 21st, 2001, at the Sheraton Hotel, Station Square, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvannia. Winners include Joseph Palumbo, Carmen Brady, Sam McClung, Muriel Brewer, Jim Karas, David Wilson, Tom Uzzo, Gregory DeNardo, Douglas Cancel, Maurice Coker, Vickie Weir, Trisha DeHall, and Robert Caltabiano.

  • 2001 IFBB Mr. Olympia
    Date was October 27th, 2001. Story and pictures regarding the big contest

  • 2001 IFBB Fitness Olympia
    Susie Curry wins for the second straight time.

  • 2001 NPC Bodyrock BB & Figure
    Including the Monica Brant Fitness Classic. Winners include Christina Forlifer, Dina Al-Sabah, Twila Lindsay, Robert Lopez, Neal Grossman, James R. Williams, and Maria Zirkuli- Bohn.

  • 2001 NPC Maryland State
    Winners include Tracy Garrett, Larry Ecton, eil Grossman, Greg Matlock, Jeff McVicar, Christina Giovnazzo, Barbara Barnovich, Wil Usher, Sunny Mrotek, Tynese Daniels, Adrianna Curry, and Rick Svoboda.

  • 2001 NPC Texas State
    Promoter DeShay Ebert, in San Antonio, Texas. Winners include Kim Norman, Marina Carrasco, Alberto Martinez, Camilla Lipscomb, Ed Stokes, Brandon Odom, Lorraine Wirris, and Santos Ramos.