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November / December 2000

The NPC News is a magazine which cannot be purchased on magazine shelves. It is published for members of the NPC. It is a excellent magazine for those who are in the NPC, and for those who enjoy amateur bodybuilding, and learning about bodybuilders who soon will vie for Professional status. It's new section is also for the NPC Fitness, which is growing rapidly. It also features articles on a number of bodybuilding contests. On the cover are the 2000 NPC Team Universe Champions Lisa Aukland, Angel Friend and Marvin Ward.

November / December 2000 - Table of Contents
Issue #77, Volume 14, Number 6

Regular Features

  • Interview
    J.M. Manion interviews Craig Titus. Conjuring up the name promotes volumes of comments. They even consider him 'Bodybuilding's Bad Boy'.

  • Around the NPC
    Pictures and story from the 2000 NPC Bodyrock Championships, and much more...

  • Contest Activity Report
    The latest NPC Bodybuilding and Fitness contests in your area.

  • NPC Fitness Corner
    Featuring Angela Monteleone-Semsch, from Lebanon, MO.
Articles and Highlights

  • 2000 NPC Team Universe
    Prmoters Stever Karel and Stee Weinberger hosted the August 11th and 12th show at the Tribecca Performing Arts Center at BMCC, New York. Overall Men's champion was Marvin Ward. Overall Woman's champion was Lisa Aukland. Overall Fitness champion was Angel Friend.

  • 2000 NPC Teenage & Collegiate
    Promoter Dr. Gary Udit hosted the Teenage & Collegiate National Bodybuilding Championships and Open Pennsylvannia Fitness Championships in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvannia at July 21 and 22, 2000. Overall Men;s Teenage winner is Brett Feldman. Overall Women;s Teenage Winner was Kim Kilppner. Overall Men's Collegiate Winner was Randy Hartz. Overall Women's Collegiate winner was Yolanda Martinez. Fitness Overall winner was Bridget Jeffers.

  • 1999 NPC Rock Mountain Bodybuilding
    Promoter Jeff Taylor presents the Rock Mountain Bodybuilding Championships and NPC Carol Semple Fitness Classic at the Auditorium Theater in Denver, Colorado. Fitness Tall and Overall went to Wendy Lovett. Fitness Medium 1st went to Stacey Young. Fitness Short 1st went to Mary Beth Prodromides. Teenage Overall went to Chris House. Women's Open LW and Overall went to Pat Shaver.

  • New Rule Changes for NPC
    The latest rules of NPC Bodybuilding, Fitness, and the new division 'Figure'.