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March / April 2003

The NPC News is a magazine which cannot be purchased on magazine shelves. It is published for members of the NPC. It is a excellent magazine for those who are in the NPC, and for those who enjoy amateur bodybuilding, and learning about bodybuilders who soon will vie for Professional status. It features stories and pictures on top IFBB and NPC competitions, and various interviews and notes. On the cover is 2002 NPC National Champions Sarah Dunlap, Toney Freeman and Lisa Uzzle.

March / April 2003 - Table of Contents
Issue #91, Volume 17, Number 2

Regular Features

  • Around The NPC & IFBB too
    Story and pictures from the IFBB Pittsburgh Pro, Olympia Weekend, and more.

  • Contest Activity Report
    NPC Contests from around the USA. Bodybuilding, fitness and figure.

  • Fitness Corner
    Featuring Louisa Wigand, from Jasper, Indiana.
Articles and Highlights

  • 2002 NPC National Bodybuilding Championships
    November 22-23, 2002 at the Dallas Convention Center, in Dallas, Texas. Winners include Clifton Torress, Derik Farnsworth, David Henry II, Michael Valentino, Joe Ntiforo, Toney Freeman, Susan Fancini, Jeannie Paparone, Sarah Dunlap.

  • 2002 NPC National Fitness Championships
    Winners include Lisa Uzzle, Stacy Wig, Bridgette Newell.

  • 2002 NPC Master's National Bodybuilding Championships
    July 20-21 at the Sheraton Hotel, Station Square, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Winners include Johnny Stewart, Emily Holder, Tony Pandalfo, Angela Sales, Robert Irby.

  • 2002 NPC California
    Winners include Yolanda Dixon, Amy O'Connor, Hope Zarro, Gabriella Anto, Rhonda Yancey, Robert Martin, Ron Walters, Andy Gerasimau, Jean Gardel Theodore, Cathy Isbell, Karla Ray, Bill Vickery, Kristine Yu, Carla Dinapoli, Debra Winegarden, Jennifer Gutierrez, Michael Sixlee, Jesse Sabater, John Noonan, Joe Hubbard, Grigori Atoyan, Omar Deckard

  • 2002 NPC North Carolina State
    Winners include Wendy Wolbert, Kaya Ann Cloud, Julie Childress, Donna White, Wanda Thompson, Alison McCarthy, Hugh Rutledge, Jamie Gardner, Jeff Cook, Brian Rayfield, Phil Farmer, Brian Rockholt

  • 2002 NPC Eastern Seaboard
    At the World Congress Center in Atlanta, Georgia. Winners include Anthony Pruitt, Corey Mote, Adrian Chastain, Kramer Bergman, Willie Wooden, Frankie Everhart, Louis Walls, Laura Griffin, Monica Burke, Sonya McFarland, Samuel Michaels, Shane Goodman, Tony Hester, Terrance Sutton, George Turmon.

  • 2002 NPC Upper Ohio Valley
    At the Millsop Community Center, in Weirton, West Viriginia. Winners include Amy Livingston, Alyssa Ferrari, Tera Sheehan, Chaleah Ayes, Willie Allison, Tom Basso, Brett Shearer, Nick Morobitto, Kim Moethemg, Kelley Owen, Tina Webber, Matt Ammann, James Durroh, Jome Ament, Nick Morobitto, Chris Rosengrant.

  • 2002 Pittsburgh Championships
    Winners include Heather Dellinger, Melissa Babers, Kim Humphrey, Carrie Fickle, William Allison, Tom Walker, Tim Swanson, Mike Reed, Ray Hammonds, Lisa Burtner, Angela Wasielewski, Sarah Dunlap, Mark Giuliani, Tom Capozziello, William Phillips, Nick Morobitto, Steve Burke, Matt Ammann, Saman Bakhtiar, Steve Thomas, Lester Jiles, Bill Dreer.

  • 2002 NPC Collegiate & Masters National Figure
    Winners include Nicole Amberliotis, Shawn Zimmerman, Helen Irby, Louisa Wigand, Amie Fry and Jamie Ramsey.

  • 2002 Mr. Olympia
    Pictures and highlights from the event.