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September / October 2001

The NPC News is a magazine which cannot be purchased on magazine shelves. It is published for members of the NPC. It is a excellent magazine for those who are in the NPC, and for those who enjoy amateur bodybuilding, and learning about bodybuilders who soon will vie for Professional status. It's new section is also for the NPC Fitness, which is growing rapidly. It also features articles on a number of bodybuilding contests. On the cover is 2001 IFBB International Overall champiomn Jenny Worth.

September / October 2001 - Table of Contents
Issue #82, Volume 15, Number 5

Regular Features

  • Around the NPC
    Pictures and info from the NPC Wheelchair Nationals, NPC Pittsburgh Championships, NPC California State, and NPC Atlantic States.

  • Contest Activity Report
    Contests from around the United States, including National Qualifier.

  • Interview: Dorian Yates
    Interview with one of the greatest bodybuilders of the 1990's.

  • TIPS: Calves
    by King Kamali. Calves are the most genetic muscle there is.

  • NPC Fitness Corner
    Meet competitor Libby Streeter.
Articles and Highlights

  • 2001 IFBB Fitness International
    This years event was going to be something else no matter what! Pictures and story from Columbus, Ohio!

  • 2001 NPC Junior National Bodybuilding
    June 16, 2001 in St. Louis, Missouri! Pictures and story with Thomas Rieke, Dre Dillard and Kristy Robbins as the overall winners.

  • NPC California
    The girls of fitness and figure, featuring Nicole Hobbs, Summer Diaz, Janelle Haney, Jennifer Lower and Stasha Rice, in a stunning pictorial, in black and white, on the beaches of California!

  • 2000 NPC Eastern USA
    This contest bring out the best east coast competitors who are usually using this contest as a tuneup on stage before hitting the annual NPC Nationals. Winners include Billy Jack Langemann, Betty Dale Moore, Fakhri Murbarak, Christina Welsh, Ronald Brown and Sherri Jacquelyn.

  • 2000 NPC Sacramento
    Winner include Jenny Lynn, Manuel Torrez, Shelly Fields, Tim Coltrin, Greg Thurston, and Edward Brown.

  • 2000 NPC Rocky Mountain
    Promoter Jeff Taylor has done a great job at this contest, and each year, the quality of the competitors continues to improve. The NPC Carol Semple Fitness Classic is also held the same night. Winners include Jayme Knight, Heather Schneider, Rhonda Costello,Derek Trombetta, M.G. Taylor, Bob Barzile, Nicole Holley, Ryan James Fasano, Ed Thomas, and Danny Ross.