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2001 NPC USA Report
July 29, 2001

Complete Results

2001 NPC USA Men's Bodybuilding Complete Results
2001 NPC USA Women's Bodybuilding Complete Results
2001 NPC USA Women's Fitness Complete Results


Pictures From The Lobby

Ronnie Coleman
Chris Cormier & Hope Zarro
Jay Cutler
Paul Dillett
Matt & Jody Duvall
Garrett Downing
Nasser El Sonbaty
Jeff Everson & Karen
Claude Groulx
Dennis James
Scott Klein
J.M. Manion
Milos Sarcev
Lonnie Teper
Flex Wheeler
Claudia & Jonny Worth
Dorian Yates

Yvette Bova & Melissa Sanchez
Margarita Charaim
Sherry Goggin-Giardina
Sherry Gideons
Amy Fadhli & Jon Lindsay
Melissa Frabbiele
Brenda Kelly
Ericca Kern
Debbie Kruck
Sherry Lee
Lisa Lowe
Jenny Lynn
Kimberly Lyons
Timea Majorova
Dana Maurer
Denise McWilliams
Colette Nelson
Brigette Newell
Shannon Nuessle
Midijah O'Hearn
Nicole Rollolazo
Laurie Vaniman
Nita Wilson
Jenny Worth


  1. From Paul in California: The NPC needs more men like Troy Alves. Taking 2nd 3 times has got to be crushing and he takes it so well. When are you guys gonna give him a break. He will be an amazing pro, unlike so many you award pro-cards to including Bob Chicerello and Fred Bigot. They have nothing on Troy.  He may have a weak body part but he overall blows every amateur away. I saw the show and personally think the judges missed their mark on Saturday night. Troy was the clear-cut winner -- We like seeing him and would like to see him even more as a pro. By the way, has anyone ever received 2nd 3 Nationals in a row?  Wow! I saw the score sheets and there is no way Fred got all 1's. If that is true, you need new judges!

  2. From Melissa in Nevada: Wow! I just returned from the 2001 USA competition and was absolutely stunned at the outcome of the Heavyweight class.  Troy Alves is not only a phenomenal body builder, but truly the nicest guy you could find to represent the sport as a pro.  Maybe Fred Bigot had tighter hamstrings/glutes, but for god sakes, look at the entire body, there's simply no comparison. Doesn't anyone look at the physique anymore or is body building now about a body part?  Doesn't the possibilities as a pro mean anything?  What's Fred going to do as a pro with his odd shape? If you were there, I'm sure you heard the audiences' dissapointment when Troy was announced as 2nd place - he is a true crowd pleaser.  By the way, what happened to the judging on Saturday night. It was clearly all about Troy that night!  Just like last year, it went to Tevita. Troy paid his dues and it should have gone to him this time. We feel for him and hope he keeps going.  I don't know if I would! Just thought I'd pass along the feelings of many that support a really great guy who the NPC and IFBB need more of!!!

  3. Light Heavyweight Robert Lopez was in 1st place before Saturday night, then was moved to 2nd during Saturday judging. I was there and was baffled as were many. Great symetry and condition ...

    • According to people who were there, Robert Lopez shouldn't even have won the NPC Bodyrock two weeks ago. It helps when his pals are judging the show. Compare Rob to Charles Ray Arde, who took 3rd at the USA and you will see it's not even close. Rob has been around for 13 years and knows everyone, so he gets callouts and placings he doesn't deserve -- kind of like Mike Matarazzo. Don't get me wrong, Rob has a nice physique, but was NOWHERE close to Johnnie Jackson in size, condition, or muscularity.

    • Were you at either show? I heard the opposite on the Bodyrock and was at the entire USA contest. Charles did in deed look great, but lacked detail of Lopez and Jackson especially in the deep leg cuts. That will no doubt be easy for him with more experience. True Johnnie was bigger but hardly in better condition. Also, by the time a competitor reaches national level competition they should know most everyone in the sport from judges to other competitors. What you want they sleep through the shows?

    • True, a national competitor might know who the judges are, but there would be no reason to be friends with the judges, unless one was doing so to ensure higher placings. The fundamental concept of judging is to be impartial and fair -- judges in other sports disqualify themselves if they have a personal relationship with the athlete or are not permitted to judge those athletes with whom those relationships exist. So tell me how on one hand, King Kamali is training and advising Rob Lopez and guaranteeing is pro card, and on the other hand, King's longtime girlfriend (and Lopez pal) Bethany Howlett is judging Rob at the show? Does that make any more sense than Steve Weinberger giving his signee Orville Burke the Night of Champions over a better Dexter Jackson and Tom Prince? Again, Rob has great genetics, but he didn't deserve to win at the Bodyrock or the USA.