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'Muscle With Attitude' is the slogan of this new magazine, which is most likely the first magazine to go from being a web site to being an actual magazine. The editor of this magazine is TC Luoma, who with others in this magazine, were on the Muscle Media Magazine team in the past. This magazine promises to be devoted to being a man, and all things that encompasses.

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Updated: January 2003

Excerpt by Tim Patterson... So what is Testosterone Magazine about? Well, testosterone (the hormone) is good. And being 100% pure male is good. Testosterone has been and will continue to be devoted to being a man, and all the things that encompasses. We'll tell you how to build your body, lose fat, and look like like the stud you are. If you are over 40, we will tell you how to restore your hormonal levels back to that of a 20 year old. We will even talk about diet and various supplements that make your brain work more efficiently.

Rest assured, this magazine is not like one of those honorable but weak kneed publications. Testosterone will not be afraid to offend anyone, including big business, big people, or big dummies. This magazine will be hard hitting, and if every single issue does not cause you to drop your haw in amazement, we have failed. The Testosterone staff will seek out the most controversial, the most progressive, the most underground information on any and all aspects of being a man.

In today's society, women simply are, while must must become. I believe Testosterone will help you on the journey. This magazine is definately for the hardcore guy.

Publisher Testosterone Publishing, LLC
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Editor-in-Chief TC Luoma
Assistant Editor Chris Shugart
Contributing Writers Ian King
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Paul Check
Don Alessi
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