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December 2000

Testosterone's slogan is 'Muscle with Attitude'. Issue #3 continues with what the premier issue started, information on muscle, training, and supplements. The style of this magazine is like the original Muscle Media (MM2K) magazine when it started. And the editor is the same too! But in this magazine, they are promoting Biotest Supplements.

December 2000 - Table of Contents
Issue #3


  • Putting Tribex to the Test
    Elite endurance athletes… by John M. Berardi

  • A question of intensity
    Heavy / Light vs. Go Heavy or Go Home, by Ian King

  • The Fat Fast Diet
    How to lose weight the Brock Strasser style.

  • German Volume Training 2000
    It's been almost 5 years since Coach Poliquin introduced German Volume Training to the modern American Bodybuilding audience. Unfortunately, I've found that the original program has a couple of problems, by TC Luoma.

  • The Protein Roundtable
    See what happens when two T-mag writers and a nutrition professor get together to talk protein.

  • Bench Press 600 pounds
    A 12 step program, by Dave Tate

  • The Dead Pool 2000
    Bodybuilders who are close as to being dead as possible with their steroid and other drug use.

  • Back to the Future… of Abdominal Training
    Today's world is ab crazy! By Paul Chek

  • Atomic Dog
    Is this all there is? By TC Luoma

  • Testosterone Inquisitor
    The world leader in bodybuilding news, and other crap we just made up. By Chris Shugart and TC Luoma.

  • Behind The Scenes
    Get the scoop on the bodybuilding community.

  • Heavy Metal
    Q&A with the king of strength coaches, by Ian King.

  • Strasseroids
    Underground steroid information from around the world. By Brock Strasser.

  • Gang of Five
    Questions regarding workout limits, steroid administering, lifting for kickboxing, are steroids dangerous, and much more…

  • Chemical Solution
    The lowdown on the latest in bodybuilding chemistry.

  • If they Had The Balls
    Mr. Venom answers your questions, by Ron Harris.

  • Rater X
    Rating supplement hype and supplement ads, by Markus Fitzgerald.