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Winter 2002

Testosterone's slogan is 'Muscle with Attitude'. Issue #8 continues with great articles and commentaries, information on muscle, training, and supplements. TC Louma, Tim Patterson, Chris Shugart and others contribute to this magazine.

Winter 2002 - Table of Contents
Issue #8


  • The Protein Insiders
    TC risked his life to get this interview. Okay, not really but wait until you read what really foes on in the protein business.

  • The Dead Zone
    No, we are not talking about the Stephen King story where the lead character can tell the future. We are talking about real scary stuff. Dead Lifts! As told by a guy who's also pretty scary, Dave Tate!

  • The Neverending Cycle
    Ever wish there was a way you could stay 'on' for long periods of time. There is.

  • Essential Berardi
    He is one of the world's greatest nutritionists and what he knows would fill the library on Congress. But we've encapsulated his main theories into one awesome article.

  • Myostatin Roundtable
    Three experts discuss what could easily be the biggest bodybuilding supplement discovery in the last 25 years.

  • Thing's We've Learned
    Some of the world's best coaches and nutritionists tell you their favorite training maxims. It's fun ready, and oh so informative.

  • Smuggler's Blues
    A sombrero, a margarita, and a duffel bag to shove your gear - that's what you'll need when you go to Mexico.

  • Escalating Density Training
    Has Charles Staley discovered the definitive training system to build muscle? He thinkgs so, and so do a lot of other people.

  • Iron Dog
    They're calling him this generation's Charles Poliquin and T-Mag has him. Strength coach Don Alessi gives decidedly novel and definitely high tech solutions to your problems.

  • Real Abs
    Forget that pretty boy ab roller crap, this is ab training, renegade style!

  • Atomic Dog
    Ever wish you were part of a mob family, like the Sporanos? Well, you kinda' are.

  • Testosterone Inquisitor
    Just a bunch of made up stuff that we will probably get sued for.

  • Behind the Scenes
    Thwack! The smack down impact of a skillfully thrown power punch gets my blood flowing like the Colorado River right after a downpour. I really don't care who threw the punch or even who's boxing. So long as both fighters possess a heaping dose of killer instrinct and the talent to back it up, I am hooked.

  • Appetite for Construction
    Nutritional biochemist John Berardi's new question and answer columb tells you how food can give you drug like effects.

  • Gut Check
    Trying to find a reason to go to the gym today? How about a dose of inspiration!

  • Cy-Borg
    Half man, half machine, he's cy-borg. Okay, so he is not half machine. Regardless, he knows a lot about pharmaceuticals.

  • Heavy Metal
    Q&A with the King of Strength Coaches.