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Spring 2003

Testosterone's slogan is 'Muscle with Attitude'. Issue #9 continues with great articles and commentaries, information on muscle, training, and supplements. TC Louma, Tim Patterson, Chris Shugart and others contribute to this magazine.

Spring 2003 - Table of Contents
Issue #9


  • Supplement Roundup
    An alphabetical synopsis of the best damn sports supplements in this here world.

  • Smart Answers To Tired Old Arguments
    How to get through the day without killing the random doctor, nutritionist, or personal trainer.

  • The EDT Arm Specialization Mesocycle
    one inch in one month, and on yes, it will hurt! Coach Staley lays out a revolutionary arm training program that will have you popping your shirtsleeves by summer.

  • Grip and Rip
    An introduction to the one arm barbell snatch. It's wild, it's weird and it requires athleticism, but it's one helluva movement.

  • Big Muscles, Busy Schedules
    How to building training only two days a week. Sure, you've got two jobs, a wife (or two), a rugrat, you're working on your college degree, and you volunteer three nights a week working the suicide prevention hotline. It's no excuse. You can still build a great body. Ian King tells you how.

  • T-Mag Does Thailand
    We sent Chris Shugart to Thailand and what did he find? Drugs, sex, drugs and did we mention sex.

  • 7 Exercises You've Never Tried
    Want to try some weird but effective trainer looking at you like you've got antennae growing out of your head? Check out these babies…

  • Bonehead Nutrition
    They lift six times per week and eat tuna three times a day. They are the Boneheads of Bodybuilding. Dr. Lowery tells you how to avoid being a member of this not so desirable club.

  • Why Lurch Won't Grow - Tall Man Training
    You're tired of seeing these human fireplugs grow big just by bending over to pick up the dumbbell that they stubbed their tow on while you struggle to put on any size. TC tells you how to remedy the problem.

  • Carb Roundtable Part 1
    Carbohydrates. They're the current bad guys of nutrition, but are they really all that bad? Can you tell the difference between a polysaccharide and a monosaccharide? Is that Jared kid from the Subway commercials really as big a dork as he appears to be? These and other questions are answered by John Berardi, Lonnie Lowery and Cy Willson.

  • The Supercharge
    A closer look at the supplement that can improve your mind, your muscles and even your sex life.

  • Atomic Dog - Triumph of the Will
    What's more powerful than a locomotive? You, provided you've got what Arnold, Michael Jordan and Mick Jagger have.

  • Testosterone Inquisitor
    Just a bunch of made up stuff that we'll probably get sued for.

  • Behind the Scenes
    Bottom line, we've made ephedra and the current crop of fat loss supplements obsolete. This is definitely not an overstatement. We honestly believe that we've developed the fat loss phenomenon that everyone's been hoping for.

  • Appetite For Construction
    The 'God of Nutrition' rips up and reassembles the food pyramid. In addition to listing his ten best and ten worst bodybuilding foods. Are any of them in your pantry or fridge?

  • Heavy Metal
    Q&A with the king of strength coaches.

  • Cy-Borg
    Half man, half machine, he's Cy-Borg. Okay, so he is not half machine. Regardless, he knows a lot about pharmaceuticals.

  • Iron Dog
    Coach Alessi discusses the facts and fantasies behind pre-exhaustion training in addition to explaining how to train while shooting up steroids. And, just for good measure, he describes some perversely difficult quad movements.

  • Gut Check
    Trying to find a reason to go to the gym today? How about a dose of inspiration!