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Fall 2002

Testosterone's slogan is 'Muscle with Attitude'. Issue #7 continues with great articles and commentaries, information on muscle, training, and supplements. TC Louma, Tim Patterson, Chris Shugart and others contribute to this magazine.

Fall 2002 - Table of Contents
Issue #7


  • The MyoStatin Project
    Think that regulating myostatin to achieve outrageous muscle gains is way out into the future. Along with jet cars and colonizing one of Saturn's moons. Well, think again. The future has arrived.

  • The Pro-Steroid Roundtable
    Pro-Hormones are so 'last century', but there's a new category of anabolics in town. 'Listen' to three of our experts analyze the ins and outs of these new wonder drugs.

  • Dirty Tricks
    Think that supplement companies are by and large legit. Of course you don't, but this article will give you an idea as to the extent of their chicanery.

  • Pop them out muscles
    Who needs that synthol stuff? If you do these exercises, your muscles will pop out like Pamela Lee's chest.

  • Good Fat And Where It's At
    For years, we've avoided it like the kid in class who keeps a dead rat in his desk, but now we know that the right kind of fat can have almost drug like effects in the body.

  • Steroid Dieting
    Sure, anyone who's thinking about doing a cycle wants to know what drugs to use and how often, but few lifters put any thought into figuring out how to eat while on steroids.

  • Damage Control
    Did you sit at the end of a buffet table with your mouth open while your buddy picked up the other end and dump trucked all the food down your gullet. Not to worry. We tell you how to minimize the caloric damage.

  • Booming Biceps
    A whole new approach to building biceps. Mere words won't do it justice.

  • Refresher Course
    Hey newbie, want to know the easiest yet most ignored way to pack on muscle? It is all here.

  • Pressing Power
    Westside Barbell Guru Dave tate knows what ails you when it comes to overcoming bench press plateaus.

  • Atomic Dog
    Has the world changed since 9-11? Well, according to TC, not really, unless you count all the patriotic thongs that the strippers are wearing.

  • Testosterone Inquisitor
    The world leader in bodybuilding news, and other crap we just made up.

  • Behind the scenes
    So you say you want to see real world success stories from ordinary people who have made extraordinary gains with Mag-10? Well, here is an entire army of Mag-10 Warriors who have won their personal physique battles with incredible gains.

  • Gang of Five
    Our scientists attempt to agree on the answers to your questions, without killing each other.

  • Heavy Metal
    Q&A with the King of Strength Coaches, Ian King.

  • Gut Check
    Trying to find a reason to go to the gym today? How about a dose of inspiration?

  • Cy-Borg
    Half man, half machine, he's Cy-Borg. Okay, so he is not half machine. Regardless, he know a lot about pharmaceauticals.

  • Appetite for Construction
    Nutritional biochemist John Berardi's new question and answer column tells you how food can give you drug like effects.