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August / September 2000

Testosterone's slogan is 'Muscle with Attitude'. Issue #2 continues with what the premier issue started, information on muscle, training, and supplements. The style of this magazine is like the original Muscle Media (MM2K) magazine when it started. And the editor is the same too! But in this magazine, they are promoting Biotest Supplements.

August / September 2000 - Table of Contents
Issue #2


  • Killer Instinct
    Men are having the Testosterone slow-squeezed right out of their collective balls, by Tim Patterson.

  • Reader Mail
    Testosterone Readers respondů

  • Atomic Dog
    Life on Planet Lace by TC Luoma

  • Testosterone Inquisitor
    News, dirt, and stuff we just made up while drunk on wild turkey, by Chris Shugart and TC Luoma.

  • Behind the Scenes
    Get the inside scoop on the bodybuilding community.

  • Question of Strength
    Questions answered by Charles Poliquin.

  • Stasseroids
    While we like writing on steroids, we need to be careful, but the situations outlined therin will probably never happen to you, but still, we find them oddly titillating. By Brock Strasser.

  • Extreme Arm Training
    Advanced techniques for breaking arm size barriers. By Charles Poliquin.

  • Lost Art of the Finisher
    What's the last thing you did at the gym that could be described as 'having a good time'. Why use finishers? There are many reasons to throw in a finisher at the end of your current program.

  • If I knew thenů
    Let's face fact. We were all, to one extent or another, idiots when we started in our quests to become bigger and stronger than the average human being. By Ron Harris.

  • The History of Supplements
    Part two. There was a period circa in the early 1990's when the distinction between 'natural' and 'chemica;' became blurred. By Nelson Montana.

  • Limping into the new millennium
    Can get legs to grow. Half the time, it comes down to finding the proper program. Too many trainees have no rhyme or reason to their workouts. By Ian King.

  • 13C and DIM
    More Fool's Gold? By Tom Incledon.

  • Fat Loss Products
    The inside scoop on getting ripped. By Bill Roberts.

  • T-Dawg Diet
    Get in shape for summer!