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April 2001

Testosterone's slogan is 'Muscle with Attitude'. Issue #4 continues with what the premier issue started, information on muscle, training, and supplements. The style of this magazine is like the original Muscle Media (MM2K) magazine when it started. And the editor is the same too! But in this magazine, they are promoting Biotest Supplements.

April 2001 - Table of Contents
Issue #4


  • Thinking Man's Guide to Ab Training
    Think ou know everything? Then where is your six back? By Ian King

  • Warming Up To A Great Workout
    The thought of warming up might not be thrilling, but you got to read this. Charles Staley presents some really cool ideas that virtually guarantee a perfect workout, every time!

  • The MRP Diet
    You couldn't live on them, or could you? By Chris Shugart and TC Luoma.

  • Ricket Scientist
    An interview with Charlie Francis, by Chris Shugart

  • Top 10 Triceps Exercises
    Stop wasting time on wuss movements, by Charles Poliquin

  • Testosterone Training Codex
    16 must know workout tips. Learn how to train like the gurus. By TC Luoma

  • Your Doctor, Your Dealer
    How to get what you want from your MD, by Cy Wilson

  • Squatting from head to toe
    Introducing the box squat, by Dave Tate.

  • Fat Roundtable
    What's new in fat science? Refereed by John M. Berardi.

  • Atomic Dog
    I have resolved to change things, to bring my diet up at least one grade. By TC Luoma.

  • Testosterone Inquisitor
    The world leader in bodybuilding news, and other crap we just made up. By TC Luoma and Chris Shugart.

  • Behind the Scenes
    I was using my body's own jacked up insulin, glucose and certain amino acids to create an intense and super concentrated anabolic environment in the body at the exact time it is most needed. By Tim Patterson.

  • Heavy Metal
    Q&A with the king of strength coaches. By Ian King.

  • Stasseroids
    Underground steroid information from around the world. By Brock Strasser.

  • Gang of Five
    Our scientists attempt to agree on the answers to your questions, without killing each other. Compiled by Ron Harris.

  • Rater X
    Rating Supplement Hype, by Markus Fitzgerald.