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I would like to welcome you to PowerMag Magazine, covering the world's strongest sport.. It is an exciting time to be a powerlifter. Many of the strongest people to ever live are alive and competing. There are more powerlifters in the world than ever before and powerlifting has crossed all boundaries including age, sex, race and education levels. It is truly an exciting time. The Powerlifters of the world are getting restless and out of that restless energy, PowerMag Magazine has emerged as well as other companies based on principles that will help powerlifting grow to a level we have never seen.

Lifters will get the recognition they desrve and the hungry lifters will get the information they need to succeed. No bias, no excuses. PowerMag is a huge step for lifter. We are increasing the entire powerlifting market through exposure and education. We have desgined the magazine to be for the lifters.

One year subscription is $25, Single issues average $3.99. Please call (800) 268-2248 or (509) 534-4489 for more information. Monster Muscle will be on your billing statement. And our web site is www.PowerMagOnline.com.

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