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September 2001

PowerMag Magazine is for the lifters, as the powerlifters of the world are getting restless and out of that restless energy, PowerMag Magazine has emerged for them. We cover the world's strongest sports. On the cover is Tony Cardella.

September 2001 - Table of Contents
Issue 9, Volume 1


  • American Hurcules!
    The American Qualifier for Sports 3,4, & 5 for WSM 2001. Schoonveld, Phister, Perry and Karl Gillingham are going to the Worlds.

  • Powerlifting 101: Part III
    Let's Get It On! Contest Day! The day you have been working towards for many weeks has finally arrived.

  • Jennifer Maile
    A few world with the Alaskan Iron Maiden!

  • Men's USAPL Nationals
    Exclusive report! The 2001 USAPL Men's National can be considered an opportunity to view the future of American Powerlifitng. A number of excellent lifters from the teenage and junior ranks decided to test their skills against the best in their first open nationals.

  • NFL's Strongest Man
    Bengal's Matt O'Dwyer tops when it comes to power in the gym and prowness on the field.

  • Take This Pole and Shove It
    Maryland Scottish Games Festival celebrates 700 years of tradition!


  • Editor
    Planes, Trains and Automobiles, by Jake Hones, Creative Director and Co-Publisher

  • Ask Dr. Squat
    What All Squatters 'Kneed' to Know. Keeping your kness healthy and asymptomatic begins with developing a functional understanding of how this unique joint is constructed and how it does and does not function. By Dr. Fred Hatfield.

  • Highlights from the WPO
    Including Amy Weisberger, Wade Hooper, Tony Conyers, Ken Patterson, Ano Turtianinen, Steve Goggins, and Ed Coan.

  • Power Briefs
    News, Feedback, Headlines and updates.

  • Bob's Underground
    Constructive vs. Destructive

  • Under the Bar
    No we are gonna squat!

  • Sets and Reps
    Power Abs! Make ab training a priority to improve your performance and prevent injuries on the platform.

  • Radical Powerlifting
    I am a competitive powerlifter in the USAPL and the APF> I have been making some serious gains while using my new approach to powerlifting. By Brian Nassar.

  • Random Thoughts
    Don't ask me to conform! Pull up a rock and set a spell because we can be friends even if we squabble. By Rick Brewer.

  • IPA Corner
    As a lifter, it is very important to find a federation that best suits us.

  • Inspiration Station
    Leslie Look gets all sentimental and shit.

  • Coming up
    Free listings of all of the Meets around.