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January 2001

This is the premiere issue of PowerMag Magazine, as the powerlifters of the world are getting restless and out of that restless energy, PowerMag Magazine has emerged for them.

January 2001 - Table of Contents
Issue 1, Volume 1, Premier Issue


  • Strongman
    Log pressing for strength gains. By Bryan Neese.

  • Giant Killer
    Germany's Marcus Schick continues to rewrite the record books with a whopping 3.6 times bodyweight bench at the WPOs. Here is an intereview with Marcus.

  • Powerman
    Boldly going where no man has gone before. Getting into the mind of the giant from Quad's Gym - Ed Coan - and his quest for 2,500. Or did somebody say 2,752? A Powermag enclusive interview with Eddy Coan.

  • Powermag: Ask Dr. Squat
    When the mind says go but the body says no! Overtraining and fatigue among young powerlifters.

  • Starting Out
    The Pencil Neck's first meet.

  • Desert Heat
    Gary Frank pulls out a history making 2,469 at the WPC Worlds in Vegas.

  • WNPF Worlds
    The Meet Results.

  • Starting Out
    What is in your gym bag? Meet essentials. So many times as we compete, we forget about the folks around us. When you have an opportunity, give someone a hand.

  • Training
    So you want a big bench? Give it a rest.

  • Monster Deadlifts
    Experiments in the gym. The contest does not start until the bar hits the floor. If you are not a competitive powerlifter preparing for a contest, leave your egos at the gym door, and forget about low reps. You will not be sacrificing any progress in strength and muscle growth, and you will save yourself possible injury.

  • Strongman Events
    East Coast Strongman / Woman CampionshipsFrom Norfolk, Virginia. Includes Fire Truck Pull, Log lift, Farmers Walk, Crucifix Hold, Stone Load, Tire Flip, and Sled Drag.

  • Meet Results
    2000 APA National Championships and WPA Junior / Master Worlds

  • Starting Off
    A new year, a new road. I have to be a powerlifter. I had always figured bodybuilding was where I would focus, it is what I've always been more interested in. The more thought about it, the more I wanted my lifts to count, and not how nice my physique looks.


  • Publisher's Page
    The powerlifters of the world are getting restless and out of that restless energy PowerMag Magazine has emerged. By Wesley Kampen, And Jake Jones.

  • Nutrition Corner
    Glutamine: An amino acid worth considering.

  • Athlete Rankings
    Top 100 Powerlifting Men, and Top 50 Powerlifters Women.

  • Random Thoughts
    Do Bulls dream of wearing a red cape? In powerlifting, lifters attempt weights that are beyond their capabilities, and they fail. Sometimes they fail spectacularly, sometimes they fail on a technicality, but sometimes the weight wins.

  • Got Grip
    Do you train fingers, hands, wrists and forearms? If you keep dropping that bar in the deadlift, you will wish you had!

  • Coming Up
    Upcoming contests