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October 2001

PowerMag Magazine is for the lifters, as the powerlifters of the world are getting restless and out of that restless energy, PowerMag Magazine has emerged for them. We cover the world's strongest sports. On the cover is Jason Burnell.

October 2001 - Table of Contents
Issue 10, Volume 1


  • Got Squat?
    How to build a big squat for the average guy with no genetics?

  • Twisted Metal!
    2001 NSCA Conference and Expo!

  • The Big Show
    WPO Semifinals. From Orlando, Florida.

  • The History of Powerlifting
    A tradition of power! Including the Great Louis Cyr, Eugen Sandow and more.

  • Are You Ready for Some Powerlifting
    Larry Allen benches 700 on Prime Time NFL and wants more!

  • Drug Free Powerlifting
    And the aging Baby Boomers. As I get older, it has become even more important and vital to my well being and health.

  • Contest Results
    Including the APA Ohio Open Powerliftining and Bench Press Championships on August 25, 2001;


  • Editor
    Terror from the Air, by Jake Hones, Creative Director and Co-Publisher

  • Ask Dr. Squat
    The offerings of Olympic lifting. Pound for pound, Olympic lifters have a greater level of speed strength than any other class of athletes in all of sport. By Dr. Fred Hatfield.

  • Power Briefs
    News, Feedback, Headlines and updates. Including Halbert honored by Ohio Senate, Strongman on Primetime TV, and Very Real Power.

  • Athlete Profile
    Tee Myers, a powerlifting original. Attitude is everything!

  • Bob's Underground
    And on the seventh day… Looking for a magic diet plan?

  • All Time Historical
    Complete all time historical mens powerlifting world records in pounds / kilograms.

  • Under the Bar
    The perfect transformation!

  • A Loaded Bar and a Challenge
    The following article is to try to help those of you to understand the basics of building a big deadlift.

  • Random Thoughts
    Bodybuilding by the numbers

  • IPA Corner
    By Rob Capozzolo. I have been around powerlifting for more than half of my life.

  • Coming up
    Free listings of all of the Meets around.

  • Voices
    Is it time to abandon the Reshel formula? I think we can all agree that Ed Coan's 2,408 @ 220 is the greatest total of all time within the sport.