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April 2001

PowerMag Magazine is for the lifters, as the powerlifters of the world are getting restless and out of that restless energy, PowerMag Magazine has emerged for them. On the cover is Garry Frank.

April 2001 - Table of Contents
Issue 4, Volume 1


  • Mavericks & Misfits
    Along with a few good lifters.

  • Big Crawford goes 750 at 275!!
    I was about 296 a few days before the meet and started dropping weight. I went through 3 days of carb depletion and was down to 285. Before the meet I was in a sauna and when I weight in, I was at 275.9

  • Beam Me Up Squattie!
    You have to train dep and go deep to get the whites. Here's how to avoid barbell ful squat velocity induced injuries.

  • Cover Story: Louisiana Leviathan
    The newly crowned king of powerlifting takes a break between sets of squats at Bishop Sullivan High in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Garry Frank has catapulted past the immortal Ed Coan making him the new king of powerlifting.

  • The Power of the 'Tee
    At last, I have found the secret to big lifts! What is the secret, you ask? Facial hair!


  • Editorial
    Wesley Kampen talks about would like to thank their advertisers and readers for making PowerMag a success in this 4th issue.

  • Headlines
    Including Jouko Ahola retires, Chabot in the WWF ring?, Mike MacDonald comeback, Liz Willet signs with Powerbar, and Baskin shows steady improvement.

  • PowerMag: Ask Dr. Squat
    Myth Sources: We want to believe! Many powerful forces make it so. The cagey purveyors of snake oils know this. They're masters at their craft of deception. Beware.

  • Upping the Bench
    Bench Pressing for the Hardcore. My main goals with this program are to get used to locking out and feeling that heavier weight that I want to lift.

  • Under the Bar
    Los Angeles Lifting Club. There are no limits! Part 1. Nance Avigliano is living proof that 'there are no limits'.

  • Incledon Sets Your Straight!
    Each issue, Tom will answer questions regarding effective diets and supplements. What works and what doesn't, from a real researcher, not a researcher wannabe!

  • In Remembrance
    Taara Rainwater-Grimwood, the world's strongest woman, March 23, 1964 - April 5, 2000. She accumulated five consecutive National and World titles.

  • Viewpoints
    The Good, The Bad and the Anabolic. Once an individual knows and feels the effects and possibilities, the drive to improve upon ones best effort may become too great to overcome temptation. Most users who use anabolics successfully once in their life will never stop at one cycle and will most likely continue to build with future cycles, wondering just how far they can push their bodies.

  • Bob's Underground
    When less equal more and the benefits of rest. The great Mike Bridges once told me, he slept 12 hours a day. For those of you who don't remember Mike, he managed 2105 in the 181 class, Mike understood the benefits of rest.

  • Coming Up
    Upcoming Meets.

  • Injury Corner
    Each issue, we will take all your questions regarding injury and rehabilitation and select some to answer.

  • Leslie Look's Top Ten Tips
    This is Leslie Look's top ten powerlifting tips.

  • USA Powerlifting Corner
    New lifters and rules to know.