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November 2001

PowerMag Magazine is for the lifters, as the powerlifters of the world are getting restless and out of that restless energy, PowerMag Magazine has emerged for them. We cover the world's strongest sports. On the cover is Svend Karlsen.

November 2001 - Table of Contents


  • NASA World Cup
    From Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, on August 11, 2001. Top 10 powerlifters include Mike Ewoldsen, Henry Thomason, Mike Romero, Mike Adelman, Bobby Wilson, Brandon Matney, Wade Johnson, Darren Turley, Jeff Capps, and Mike Whiting.

  • Strongest Man in the World
    Who is Powerlifting's Strongest Man in the World?

  • USAPL Bench Press Nationals
    Complete list of competitors, winners, and scores.

  • Best Bench Ever!
    Geogre Halbert makes history again at the WPO Bench Bash with a huge 733 at 215!

  • WABDL Record Breakers!
    From Pasco, Washington on April 21-22.

  • Power Archives
    York Barbell's Museum and Hall of Fame captures history of strength.

  • The Commitment To Go
    This is a serious discussion of the difficulty that some U.S. lifters have had with squatting deep, or, more likely, wanting to squat deep.

  • Viking Power
    Interview with International Strongman Svend Karlsen conducted on June 10, 2001 by Justin McShane of Worlds Strength Legends and the Diesel Power Forum.

  • Where do Strongmen come from?
    The lifting of weight might have originated from prehistoric man using heavy stones to block the entrance of the caves where he lived.

  • Bott Bites Back!
    Iron Island's John Bott overcomes a potential career ending injury to compete in IPA again.

  • Blast It Up!
    Building explosive power in your bench with the MacDonald cambered bar.

  • Standing Strong
    Ross Althouse: A profile in courage! When doctors told Ross that he would never squat or deadlift again, they really did not know him.

  • World Games
    The 6th annual World Games, from August 16-26, 2001 from Akita City, Japan.


  • Editor
    64 Big Pages for you this month! This issue has been expanded by 16 pages from the last issue. By Jake Jones.

  • Ask Dr. Squat
    Mentzer's Heacy Duty Laws: A Casual Analysis: Including Mike's Law of Deep Energy.

  • PowerBriefs
    Including New All-Time Squat Record set at 1,041. Also, Joe Ladnier to return to the platform, and nothing but net.

  • Power Series
    Handling lifters at a meet. The handlers main job is to do whatever your lifter needs done. If the liter needs water, you get the water. You are there to do whatever needs to be done to ensure the success of your lifter.

  • September 11, 2001
    Dedication to honor and strength.

  • Bob's Underground
    Understanding the bench shirt.

  • Sets & Reps
    5x5 and 3x3 sets explored.

  • Random Thoughts
    Vegetarian: An old Indian word for Lousy Hunter.

  • Coming up
    Powerlifting upcoming events around the USA

  • Injury Corner
    What can I do to prevent back muscle strains?