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May 2001

PowerMag Magazine is for the lifters, as the powerlifters of the world are getting restless and out of that restless energy, PowerMag Magazine has emerged for them. On the cover is George Halbert, Rob Fusner, and Tina Rinehart..

May 2001 - Table of Contents
Issue 5, Volume 1


  • First Things First
    Follow the guidelines outlined here and steady gains in your bench will come to fruition. The answer is to do less, better. Use all of your energies on a few focused movements. Do not do more exercise. Do one or two exercises with ll you've got. That is the real progress.

  • Arnold Classic 2001
    A PowerMag exclusive special report! Big Clay Brandenberg gets the rage going in front of the sold out crowd at the Arnold! This years Arnold Classic bench press was the best format and venue that I have seen for our sport in recent years with an astounding total of 10 world records set - an all time high! Pictures and story!

  • Battle on the Bayou!
    The 2001 USAPL Collegiate Nationals. This is one of the best meets for young lifters in the country. Pictures and story.


  • Editorial
    Jake Jones talks about the differences between powerlifting vs. bodybuilding vs. weightlifting.

  • Ask Dr. Squat
    You are now entering the training zone. Notes includes an example of the inverted 'U' hypothesis.

  • Power Briefs
    News. Feedback. Headlines. Updated.

  • Strongman News
    Viking Power rules at showdown

  • Food and Nutrition
    Eating for Power and Efficiency.

  • Bob's Underground
    Stressing Form. Understanding the proper form required by your chosen lifting organization allows you to get valuable help from any willing onlooker in the gym.

  • Incledon Sets You Straight
    Each issue, Tom will answer questions regarding effective diets and supplements. What works and what does not, for a real researcher, not a researcher wannabe!

  • Starting out
    Paying it Forward

  • Under The Bar
    There are no limits! Part two.

  • Training
    Beating those pre-meet blahs. The truth of the matter is that training for a powerlifting meet is extremely hard work, and intelligent planning of your training cycle is very complex.

  • Starting Out
    Diet. The ultimate four letter word.

  • Coming Up
    Meet Listing for Powerlifters