Personal Fitness Professional
Profitable Strategies for the Personal Trainer

  • The magazine is for personal trainers. To be an effective personal trainer, it is important to understand the meaning of the word commitment. Inside the magazine, there is information on what the training industry could benefit from. We can impress potential clients with with depth of our programs, the well thought out systems that will allow them to reach their goals, the elaborate assessment tools we posses to identify their starting points, and of course, our knowledge of fitness, which is the personal trainer's greatest asset. This magazine is a tool to enhance everything.

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    October 2002 issue

    Notes: Personal Fitness Professional (ISSN 1523-780X) is published 12 times a year by RB Publishing Inc, located at 2424 American Lane, Madison, Wisconsin 53704-3102. Phone number is (608) 241-8777. Subscriptions are free to qualified recipients, or $36 per year to all others in the United States.

    Publisher is Ronad G. Brent; Associate Publisher is Conrad Swanson; Managing Editor is Lori Eggers.

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