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May 2002

The magazine for personal fitness professionals, with various topics, including business, equipment, nutrition, training and more.

May 2002 - Table of Contents
Volume 4, Issue 5

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  • Baby boomers create new opportunities.
    The importance of health promotion.


  • Diving into the water market.
    Opportunities in aquatic personal training.


  • Getting wet 'n' wild.
    Aquatic training equipment


  • What does 3,500 mean to you.
    Applying this magic number to your fitness program.

Association Profile

  • AEA
    A closer look inside the AEA.


  • Appealing to the younger crowd.
    Marketing your business to kids.


  • Leaders in the Industry.
    An interview with Richard Boyd.

Research / Training

  • Fitness Q&A.
    The 10 hottest business questions.

  • What's in their heads?
    Psychological obstacles that limit client success.

  • Point of View
  • Main Events
  • Exercise of the Month
  • Something New