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August 2002

The magazine for personal fitness professionals, with various topics, including business, equipment, nutrition, training and more.

August 2002 - Table of Contents
Volume 4, Issue 8

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  • Seniors and Personal Training
    Redefining older adults


  • Benefits of being an independent trainer
    Helping you take the first step.


  • Learning about leg presses
    What you should know to guarantee client success.


  • But What Should I Eat?
    The question trainers fear.

  • What's New in Supplements?
    The latest in fitness formulas.

Association Profile

  • A Close Look
    A Close Look inside the NAHF.


  • Is Franchising right for you?
    One trainer's account of opening his own studio.

  • Expanding your business.
    Assessment services can increase revenue.

Prevention and Care

  • Does Exercise Boost Immunity?
    Why workout out promotes wellness.

Product Profile

  • Banish sleepless nights.
    Online training program provides support, ease of use.

  • Point of View
  • Main Events
  • Exercise of the Month
  • Something New