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October 2002

The magazine for personal fitness professionals, with various topics, including business, equipment, nutrition, training and more.

October 2002 - Table of Contents
Volume 4, Issue 10


  • Raising the Bar
    How one club took its training program to new heights.

Select Population

  • What to Expect When Your Client's Expecting
    Tips for training mothers to be.


  • A Formula for Success
    Effective exercises for golfers.


  • The Supersizing of America
    Helping your clients establish healthy eating habits.

  • Nutrition Tips for Bodybuilders
    Eating right can help your clients look their best.

Special Report

  • Not All Studios Are Created Equal
    Visit the studio of the future for the latest in fitness equipment and services.


  • Turning Consultations into Clients
    5 Steps to Guarantee a Paying Client

  • Finding and Thrilling Your Guinea Pig
    A strategy for building your arsenal of evidence.

  • Reviving an Anemic Training Program
    Powerful tools to guarantee member retention.


  • Gaining the Upper Hand
    Programs that will take your business to the next level.

Prevention & Care

  • Managing Shin Splints
    What you should know?

  • Point of View
  • Main Events
  • Exercise of the Month
  • Something New