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Natural Bodybuilding & Fitness Magazine claims itself as the 'only' magazine dedicated to a drug free lifestyle. It covers events. stories, and contests related to the National Gym Association (NGA) and the WNBF. NF&F's editor is Steve Downs, chairman of the WNBF. It is published quarterly.

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Information on Natural Bodybuilding Magazine:
Updated: September 2000

Publisher & Editor-In-Chief:Cheh N. Low
Editorial Director: Steve Downs, M.S., C.S.C.S.
Associate EditorJeremy Cohen
Food Editor:Cheryl Atkins
Contributing Editors:Clifford J. Ameduri, M.D.
Judd Biasiotto, Ph.D.
Vic Boff, D.C.
Andy Bostinto
Mike Cochran, D.C.
James Evans
Arny Ferrando, Ph.D.
Bob Gaynor
Dennis Lee
James Lembeck, D.Ch
Mark William Lisky
Michael Monteleone, Ph.D
Ritchi Morris
Peter Neff
Peter Nielsen
Jay Robb
Contributing Writers:Walter Andzel, Ph.D.
Gene Bruno, C.N.
Jason Cohen
Joe Christiano
Peter L. Fisby
Britton Gray
Michael Grimsley
Mike Hamill
Mark Holowchak
Alan Leff
Eric Morgan
John Parillo
Tom Purvis, P.T.
Ford Sheridan
Jim Shiebler
Curtis Shultz
Nick Taribuono
Victor Uralets, Ph.D.
Director of Prepress:Frank Falzon
Director of Circulation: Edward A. Bracher
Director of Operations:Yee Hau Tan
Staff Photographer: Norbert Torriente
Contributing Photographers:Steve Ash
Dennis Beauvais
Rip Black
Paula Crane
Anthony Vito Fodera
John Falocco
Irwin Gleb
Alan Leff
Sandra Lynch
Richard Morris
Miso Sevelj Sevolo
Stan Wan
Cover Photography: John A. Butler
Advertising Group Sales Director: Robert B. Rose

Published by Chelo Publishing, Inc., 350 Fifth Avenue #3323, New York, NY 10118.
Phone # (212) 947-4322, Fax: (212) 563-4774.
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Natural Bodybuilding & Fitness Magazine's original name was Natural Physique, which came out in November 1988.