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May 2001

Natural Bodybuilding & Fitness prides itself as 'the only magazine dedicated to a drug free lifestyle'. Natural Bodybuilding is hot, as evidenced by the huge membership in natural bodybuilding organizations worldwide. Physiques are getting better because of the greater involvement of science on the nutrition, supplementation and training levels, not due to drug use. On the cover is bodybuilder WNBF Mr. Universe Joe Velentino

May 2001 - Table of Contents
Volume 14, Number 2


  • Scientific Bodybuilding
    Universe Vince Maradeo shows you how to train high tech.

  • Bernadette Marturano
    Get up close and personal with our newest fitness bombshell.

  • Posing Primer
    We'll show you how t oclean up at your next bodybuilding competition.


  • The Hot Seat
    Ms. International Kristin Sallo speaks her piece about her sport.

  • Dwayne Broadway
    This natural legend still has the good to bring home the gold.

  • Don't Wreck Your Back
    Because after all, it's the only one you've got, right?


  • Gain Lean Bodyweight
    The third and final installment in our series about getting big.

  • Alpha Lipoic Acid
    Unleash the energy in your muscles with this wonder nutrient.

  • Protein Keys
    The keys to growing like a weed, that is.

  • Phytoinsulin
    Are you ready for the next generation of bodybuilding supplementation.

Contest Coverage:

  • WNBF Mr. Universe
    In Greesboro, North Carolina, really the center of the Universe? You but, judging by 20 of the best WNBF pro men who headed down south for the Pro Natural Mr. Universe.

  • News Flash: WNBF Worlds
    The two second place class winners from the 1999 Worlds laid claimed to the 2000 Pro Natural Men's Worlds Championships.

  • WNBF Ms. Universe
    Laurie Dady took overall, with Mona Pagan-Ostrow, Dari Frame, Valerie Worrell, Teresa Cockerill, Norma Lowe, and Patti Paladino all placing quite high!

  • INBF Naturalmania
    The Naturalmania Nationas has become the year's premier INBF competition, held on September 9th, 2000 at Bergtraum High School in lower Manhatten.

  • INBF Atlantic Coast
    August 5, 2000 in Greensboro, North Carolina, where two INBF competitors would leave the theater with an WNBF pro card!

  • INBF East Coast
    Held on June 24, 2000 at the beautiful Arts Council Theater in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Total of 54 competitors were on hand to due battle.

  • INBF Midwest Musclefest
    June 17th, 2000 at West Junior High School in Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin.

  • INBF Natural NYC
    INBF chairman Charlie Carollo worked with Bernard Seasly to promote this event, held on July 29th, 2000 at Murry Bergtram High School.

  • NANBF Southern States
    Held on May 13th, 2000, Lance Christian, and Reem Khashow ruled the top.

  • INBF Southern Grand Prix
    In Hazelhurst, Mississippi on July 29th, 2000, Anthony Marlow, and Michael McClendon were the overalls!

  • INBF Capital City
    July 22, 2000, Trent Rodgers, Katy Heller, and matt Marbach won the overalls!

  • INBF Northeast Wisconsin
    Held on October 7th at the Waupaca High School in Waupaca, Wisconsin, Al Schmidt, and Lori Martin won the overalls.

  • INBF Midwest Natural
    Held October 14th, in Madison, Wisconsin, Charlie Burleson, and Rodney Alling won the overalls!


  • Editors Page
    Compete for the Fun of It

  • Letters
    Lettes from the Readers…

  • Natural News
    Including Mario Roca, Eric Boyle, John Whalen, Julie Ann Gerhard, and more…

  • WNBF News
    Including Dave Goodin, International Children's World Fest, Miles Stovall, Mike McCloud, Dave Hamlette, Frank Celantano and more…

  • INBF News
    International Natural Bodybuilding Federation, Including Tony Herrington, Christy Richardsron, and more…

  • CNBF News
    Canadian Natural Bodybuilding Federation, including Chris Boyko, Terry-Lynn artch, Dave Dekker, and more…

  • NANBF News
    Including John and Becky Arnold, Charlene Steeves, Jeff Williamson, Todd Mills, and more…

  • BNBF News
    British Natural Bodybuilding Federation, including Karen Mason, Andy Farrell, and more…

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    Natural bodybuilding and fitness coming events.