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November 2000

Natural Bodybuilding & Fitness prides itself as 'the only magazine dedicated to a drug free lifestyle'. Natural Bodybuilding is hot, as evidenced by the huge membership in natural bodybuilding organizations worldwide. Physiques are getting better because of the greater involvement of science on the nutrition, supplementation and training levels, not due to drug use. On the cover is bodybuilder Jason Gallant, WNBF Pro. This is the 12th anniversary issue of NB&F.

November 2000 - Table of Contents
Volume 13, Number 4


  • Precontest Tips
    To win big, you have to do your homework.

  • The Natural
    Men's champ Antony all is headed for stardom.

  • History of the Bench Press
    The trusty exercise's origin.

  • Surgery to Stage
    Fred DiMenna's triumphant comeback.

  • Beauty in Strength
    Women's champ Cassandra Floyd combines 'sexy' with 'successful'.

  • Doesn't Anyone Care
    The ugly side of bodybuilding.

  • Night of the Legends
    We sneak into the 17th annual oldetime barbell and strongmen dinner.


  • Hardgainers
    Make gains in the 'quiet zone'.

  • Dean Laumbauch
    Work your wheels with this WNBF pro.

  • Five Tips for Massive Growth
    Keep things simple for maximum progress.

  • Andy Haman
    The next great heavyweight hope?

  • High Intensity Training
    Dispelling machine myths

  • Chris Cander
    The strongest fitness phenom around.

  • Make Your Guns Grow
    Talking arms with Todd Elliot.


  • MX7
    The next generation of bodybuilding supplements?

  • The New Thermogenics
    Kiss stimulants goodbye.

  • Destroy Free Redicals
    How to zap your body's invaders.

  • How to Gain Lean Weight
    Don't get fat in the process.

  • Supplements
    Increase testosterone without androgens.

  • NBG
    A new way to stock up your immune system.

Contest Coverage:

  • WNBF International
    Flash results.

  • INBF Hercules
    Flash results.

  • INBF Northeast Classic
    May 13, 2000.

  • INBF Northeastern Hernandez Classic
    By WNBF legend Eddie 'The Rock' Hernandez in Matawan, New Jersey, on April 29, 2000.

  • IFBF Great Lakes Classic
    Menasha High School in Appleton, Wisconsin was the site of this contest on April 8, 2000.

  • INBF Natural Wisconsin
    On April 15, the state's finest athletes performed in Madison to see who would win the coveted prize of Mr. and Ms. Natural Wisconsin 2000.

  • INBF Best of the West
    On April 8, results from the 2000 competition in Tucson, Arizona.


  • Editors Page
    A backlash against prohormons.

  • Letters
    Includes Ageless Wonder, Kind Words from the Warrior, and a Correction.

  • Product Review
    Includs Hunting for Caribou Strength, and Shining Light on your Stomach.

  • Natural News
    All the Natural News that is Fit to Print.

  • WNBF News
    The WNBF Gold Medal is the symbol of natural excellence.

  • Championship Tips

  • Reader's Physiques

  • INBF News
    International Natural Bodybuilding Federation News by Charlie Carollo, INBF Chairman.

  • Coming Events
    Natural bodybuilding contest events in your area.

  • NANBF News
    By Scot Dickerson, NANBF Natural Chairperson.