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This premier issue and collector's item is going to be a hit! With Muscle & Fitness being the number one magazine in its genre, this spin-off aims to do what M&F did for men, to teach women about muscle & fitness, and why it is important. This magazine is geared for women and their unique ways of working out, nutrition, etc.

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Information on Muscle & Fitness Hers Magazine
Updated: April 2002

Joe Weider proclaims in the premier issue of M&F Her's Magazine "I beleive that every body is a beautiful body. That is the promise of this magazine. Lean, of course, does not mean skinny, it means not having excess bodyfat. We are here to help you be fit, healthy, happy and beautiful. Granted, you might not get what you may beleive is the dream body, but you will be as physically fit as your genetics allow. And who does not dream of that?

If you are at your best, not only physically but also mentally and emotionally, people will admire you for the effort you put into improving your whole life, including your training and diet. It is always a beautiful thing when you can improve your body to the potential you are genetically programmed for.

Please do not be misled by the magazine articles and ads that say you can have a body like those skinny minnies pictured. Some makeover stories are realistic; some are exaggerated. Those highly dramatic before and after pictures are more likely to be deceptive. If something sounds too good to be true, be skeptical.

This magazine is dedicated to bring out the best nature has given you and to guiding you with sound, practical advice on health, nutrition, physical fitness and psychology. In the real world, achieving the best you can be stands as a shining example of how beautiful and dedicated you are.

Founder / PublisherJoe Weider
Group Publisher / Editor in Chief Tom Deters, DC
Sr. VP Editorial DirectorVincent Scalisi
Creative Director Jim Chada
Executive EditorBill Geiger
Managing EditorMaura Weber
Deputy EditorCarey Rossi Walker
Dir Special ProjectsMary Ann Mucica
Food & Nutrition EditorJoe Ellen Krumm
Sernior WriterJeff O'Connell
Staff WriterBeth Sonnenburg
Exercise EditorMichelle Basta Boubion
Features EditorMichel Berg
Senior Copy EditorKristina Haar
Executive AssistantNina Young
Production EditorDaniel Destler
Editorial AssistantsJessica Richardson
Devin Alexander
Fashion CoordinatorKrystal DeBord
Contributing WritersKathleen Engel
Maureen Meyers Farrar
Linda Henry
Lara McGlashan
Brian Rowley

Senior Art DirectorKaren Ann Hawley
Art DirectorsRobin Schiff
Chris Hobrecker
Photo EditorLisa Clark
Photo ArchivistDavid Marsh
Photo AssistantsTiffany Mortensen
Cecile Nguyen
Creative CoordinatorJanelle Canady
Ast AssistantLori Judd

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Group Sales Director
Robert L. Washburn Jr.
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Classified Advertising MgrKathleen Fielder

Sr. V.P. Corporate SalesMaryellen Haischcase
Midwest Dir Cor SalesKelley Vander Forest
Marketing DirectorChristine Rannazzisi-Gerstein
Public Relations ManagerLouisa Liss
Promotion Art DirectorMichael W. Gottlieb
Research DirectorGreg Payne
Sr. Event ManagerPamela Marshall
Program Development MgrJenifer Walton
Promotions ManagerTracey L. Grimm

Chairman of the BoardJoe Weider
International DirectorBen Weider
Chief Executive Officer
Eric Weider
Vice ChairmanGeorge Lengvari
General CounselBernard J. Cartoon

President / Chief Exec OfficerRussell Denson
Chief Operating OfficerJohn Sheehy
Corp Creative ConsultantJ.C. Suares
Dir Human ResourcesMike Sovacool
Dir Information TechShawn Kwak
VP Facilities / Risk ManJanet Peteroff
VP Consumer MarketingBobbi Gutman
VP Finance / TreasuryJill Ause
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Marketing Manager RetailKaren Cunningham
Retail Sales Regional MgrsBev Green
Rick Tejan
VP ManufacturingJohn W. Hartung
VP ProductionMelissa Moss
Production CoordinatorJana Welch
Distribution ManagerKathleen Conrad
Manufacturing ManagerRenee Thompson

The premiere issue came to town January 2000, and featured Denise Paglia on the cover.