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Double XL Magazine
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Double XL Magazine features various bodybuilding and fitness and figure models, and has various sections in it, including a nightlife section, a fashion section, and other interesting pages of interest.


Winter 2003 Issue #1
Spring 2004 Issue #2
Winter 2004 Issue #4
Summer 2005 Issue #5
January 2006 Issue #6
April 2006 Issue #7
December 2006 Issue #9

Updated: January 2005

PublisherDouble XL Magazine
(800) 568-8849
Editor in ChiefRodney Jang
Executive EditorAaron Hefter
Director of AdvertisingNaveed Shaikh
Creative EditorJayson Wyner
Media Relations DirectorEvita Russell
Talent ScoutKrzysztof Stepniewski
Art DirectorImagiq Studios
Asif Lalani
Design & ProductionBlake Fisher
Brandon Holder
Winnie Yao
PhotographersMark Magdaluyo
Michael Stycket
Charlene Venn
AddressDouble XL Magazine
933 Seymour Street #511
Vancouver, BC
V6B 6L6