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Double XL Magazine
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Double XL Magazine
approx December 2006 - Issue #9

Table of Contents / Notes from this issue

  • Editors Letter
    There's a new editor in the house, his name is Chris Stepniewski. The magazine's name also has changed from Double XL to DXL.

  • Fast Rides / Faster Girls
    Hype Hummer MFP, and Katie Nicole from Palm Harbor, Florida.

  • DXL Editor's Choice
    Leanne Lemire from Edmonton, Alberta.

  • Director's Cut
    Tami Tyson, born in Canada, majored in Psycology at the University of Manitaba.

  • UFC - the original UFC Legend
    Exclusive interview with Royce Gracie.

  • Leg Blast with Morris Mendez
    The thought of training my legs makes it difficult for me to develop the drive to do so.

  • Candice Michelle, WWE Diva
    You see her every week on Spike TV's hit show RAW, you have seen her on one of the best Superbowl commercials of all time for, now she is the sexy DXL Magazine cover girl Here an in interview with Candice.

  • DXL Astro Advice
    What does the future have in store - let s take a look into the zodiac wheel of fortune.

  • Targeted Energy System Modulation
    A precise methodology for accomplishing your physique and athletic objectives.

  • 15 Minutes of Fame
    Ashley Gellar and Cassandra Morrill.

  • Cranked steroids in Pro Sports
    Steroids have been linked to every school in North America. Can you believe some as low as elementary school.

  • Get Diesel Nutrition
    One on one with Chuck Diesel of Get Diesel Nutrition.

  • Confessions of a Hot Girl
    Dirty Girl, by resident DXL Sexpert, Valerie Shaw. Sex is as much about the mind as it is the physical. Send your lover a racy text message, juicy email or even a tuck a naughty letter in their pocked before they leave the house.

  • Retailer of the Month
    Adam Walker, president of Canadian Made Muscle.

  • DXL at the Olympia
    Stunning upset as Jay Cutler defeats Ronnie Coleman

  • DXL Industry Profile
    DXL headed to the middle east to catch up with Firas Odea, Business Development Manager for AmCan International Group.

  • How to Throw a Good Party
    The weekend has finally arrived. If you follow these simple rules, you should have a party that will leave people talking and eagerly awaiting your next invitation.

  • Double XLicious
    Abbie Ratay and Simona Fusco.

  • Steroids and the Bodybuilding Underworld
    Shedding blood , sweat and tears to obtain the perfect physique.

  • Recipe of the Month
    Protein Brownies - these brownies are loaded with protein and very, very low in fats and carbs. And they taste a little bit like heaven.

  • Rising Star Priscilla Tuft
    She is a stunning beauty that packs a punch!

  • International Hottie
    Magda Kobylak from Warsaw, Poland

  • DXL Fashion and Fashion Trends
    Various cool clothes.