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Double XL Magazine
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Double XL Magazine
approx April 2006 - Issue #7

Table of Contents / Notes from this issue

  • Double XL Editor Letter
    Rodney Jang, the editor in chief, talks about the cover girl Katarina Van Derham, and much more.

  • Fast Rides / Faster Girls
    The 2005 Dodge Magnum Hemi or April Ireland, which would you rather ride?

  • Editor's Choice
    Maryse Onellet from Quebec, Canada.

  • UFC - Passing of the Guard
    Exclusive interviews with Randy Couture and Georges St. Pierre

  • Director's Cut
    Anastazia Grey Woodin

  • Back Attack
    Morris Mendez back training regime.

  • How to Date a Strippere 101
    The strip game is a world full of exotic fantasy, full of money, sex and drugs. Here's the breakdown of the different types of strippers. To date any exotic stripper, first you got to know the three types.

  • Craig Titus and Kelly Ryan
    Suspects in Murder, by Ron Avidan

  • Red Alert with Nikki Ziering
    We have a serious hottie on our hands, with the classic California Girl look.

  • Double Delicious
    Kaja Gjesdal and Brandi Latimer!

  • Katarina Van Derham
    Interview with the European sensation!

  • Best of the Best Poker sites
    DoubleXl recommends the top 3 online gaming websites

  • Fitness for Dummies
    Feeding in fueling your body. Protein is like car parts, carbs are like gas, growth hormones are like car mechanics. They will all work well together if we feed and fuel our bodies the right way.

  • Protein Pizza
    We are not kidding about the muscle bursting pizza here!

  • Only the Hard Core will Survive
    Some people come to the gym not to train, but rather as an escape from the outside world. They show up at the gym with their hair perfect, matching outfits, fancy shoes, MP3 players and stinking of perfume or cologne as if they were headed downtown on Friday night. Come on, give me a break people!

  • Project Freak
    Welcome to the first installment. This series will take you through the complete metamorphosis that will be tracked through a 6-8 months period.

  • Nitrix Oxide
    Forever changing the rules of natural muscle building

  • Double XL Industry Profile
    Europa Sports Products

  • Double XL Crush Launch Party
    Various party pics…

  • International Hottie
    Katy Eva from Newcastle, Australia

  • Fashion and Gadgets
    Various cool clothes and accessories.

  • Best of the best Energy Drinks
    We recommend the top 3 energy drinks

  • Impulse Model Search Winenr
    Alba Nadal has won the model search! From Vancouver, Canada.

  • 15 Minutes of Fame
    Kerbie O'Neill and Nazanin Allahyari

  • West Coast Retailer of the Month
    Reflex - king of supplements on the west coast

  • Ask the Supplement Guru
    Questions regarding getting shredded and more…