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Double XL Magazine
approx January 2006 - Issue #6

Misc. Notes from this issue

  • Rodney Jang, the editor-in-chief of Double XL Magazine, has a few words for us. So much has happened since our last issue, and I am excited to share the events and happenings of the last few months with you. UFC President Dana White gave us strong praise. Miss CJ and Miss Raquel Gibson have combined their genes, motivation and undeniable beauty to grace 8 pages in this issue. Check out our website for upcoming tradeshows, parties and special events in your city.

  • There are great pictures are some girls, including Gina Lara, Payton Leigh, Camille Anderson, Marta Gut, Elizabeth McLean, Jessica Ethridge, Skylar Evans, Ocean Bloom,

  • The Editor's Choice is Brandy Grace, age 20, from Southern California. She is Korean American, weighs 105 lbs, and his 5"4". Favorite color is red, favorite car is a BMW 745, and likes to read, arts and crafts, and drawing.

  • The Future Star is Gabrielle Tuite, DXL's pick to become the next hot up and coming star. Gabrielle was best known as one of Barker's Beauties on CBS's The Price is Right. She also appeared in Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo, Miss Castawy, and the upcoming Forbidden. She is part owners and spokesmodel for Sunset Tan. She also will be launching her line of Jean Charms, and is a co-creator and founder of the soon to open upscale Hollywood restaurant Aqua.

  • On the cover - Double Trouble pictorial and an interview with the Sexy Gibson sisters, Raquel and CJ. Raquel is Miss November in Playboy, in lives in Miami, Florida. Date of birth is June 14, 1985. CJ lives in Clearwater, Florida, and was born on November 30, 1983.

  • There are exclusive interviews with Chuck Liddell and Matt Hughes, two UFC fighters.

  • The Freaks of the Zodiac is an article which tell you that there is a little bit of super freak in everybody. No matter how you get down, play it safe and always stay true.

  • Tri Blast article. In my earlier years of training, I always use to concentrate on working my biceps rather than giving an equal share of attention to my triceps. Little did I realize the triceps make up 1/3 of the arm. The bigger the triceps the bigger the arm looks. Morris Mendez discusses.

  • Double XL crashes the Rockstar Mansion. We took some pictures, and hanged out with Russ Weiner, the 35 year old Energy Drink CEO. Double XL also has some pictures from the expo at the Olympia.

  • Valerie Shaw gives us Confessional of a Hot Girl, including the definition of a hot girl; how to be a good lover; orgasmic joy and more.

  • In this issue, we talk to Lars Boers, CEO of Prometeus - Intelligent Sports Technologies based in the Netherlands. They are distributors of various products, including Nutrabolics.