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AXL Magazine
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A publication that brings today's sport and fitness minded men all the things they care about in one fun to read magazine. There is a variety of articles and photo spreads ranging from sports & fitness, to fashion & grooming, including bodybuilding and extreme sports, gadgets to media, nutritional supplementation, and more more. AXL is an all encompassing guide for today's athletic man.


Premiere Issue - January 2005 Issue #1
Spring Issue - April 2005 Issue #2
September 2005 Issue #6
September 2006

Updated: September 2006

Gerard McIntee
Managing Editor
Fitness Director
Frank Sepe
Associate EditorLisa Eicher
Sports Nutrition EditorMichael Sutter
Editorial AssistantDanielle Vitabile
Copy EditorMario Quirce
Contributing EditorsCraig Stevenson
Larry Pepe
Mechell Harris
Bruce Nadler
Cindy Pearlman
Martin Woodward
Creative DesignGreen Angel Designs
Contributing PhotographersMonty Brinton
Sean Kahill
Gerard McIntee
Rich Schaff
Robert Voets
Ralph Dehaan
Seungsik Lee
Shiran Nicholson
Frank Sepe
Advertising Inquiries
(631) 694-4500

AXL Magazine is published six times per year by IntraMedia Publishing LLC, 105 Price Parkway, Farmingdale, NY 11735. The tag line is Hardcore Training - Engineered Nutrition - Extreme Living - for the sports and bodybuilding enthusiast.