AXL Magazine: September 2005
Volume 1, Number 6

Misc. Notes from this issue

  • AXL Magazine. Hardcore Training - Engineered Nutrition - Extreme Living. For the Sports and Bodybuilding Enthusiast. This issue is volume 1, number 6, with Ava Fiore on the cover. Damn, is she hot or what. This issue has 108 pages. Price is $3.99 Retail.

  • Frank Sepe is the managing editor of this magazine, while Gerard McIntee is the publisher and editor-in-chief. Frank Sepe writes that it has been a year already since they started AXL. This past year, AXL Magazine's mission has been to provide the extreme man with the tools he needs to achieve peak performance in every aspect of his life.

  • Gadget reviews, games, Dvds are all previewed in this magazine.

  • The 2005 Winner for the AXL Fitness Goddess was Amanda Carrier.

  • Monica Brant is featured here in an interview from Nina Labanara. Monica earned her pro card in 1995, and has graced the covers of more than 100 magazines. She has two DVD's in stores and her first book, entitled Monica Brant's Secrets to Staying Fit and Loving Life, hit shelves in the fall. Monica has been competing since 1991, and does not have a manager. She markets all her own business affairs and books her own jobs. Kim Oddo prepares her for contests, and her daily calories run around 1600 to 1800. Monica runs a camp a few times a year called F.E.M. (Fun, Educational, Motivational).

  • Interesting article titled Build a Well Balanced Chest by Frank Sepe. Bench presses alone won't create a well balance chest. Don't wind up with a body that looks like the letter "p" - a barrel chest with stick legs and arms.

  • Sports Science talks about creatine, the evolution of creatine from past to present.

  • Celebrity Profile is none other than Jessica Simpson, which regarding the rumors she is getting divorced, says " I want to be married to Nick when I'm 80 and sitting on our front porch in Austin, Texas".

  • Interview with Danielle Hollenshade. Danielle earned her IFBB Figure pro card by capturing the overall victory at the 2005 NPC Team Universe / Figure Nationals. She is a personal trainer out of a gym in Aventura, Florida (North Miami).

  • Hmm… the top 10 muscle building foods include Tomatoes, Garlic, Melons, Citrus Fruits, Seafood, Fortified Eggs, Broccoli and other cruciferous veggies, Peas and Beans, Flax Seeds, Sweet Potatoes, and Nuts.

  • Eddie Alvarez - the rising star of the East Coast. He is the undefeated 168 pounder from Philadelphia. Eddie was a state wrestling championship turned fighter. He is a product of the Fight Factory - a prominent MMA school in Philadelphia. Instead of the Smith machine and the weight rack, Alvarez credits his day job as a stonemason for playing a large part of his strength training.

  • Ava Fiore. Ava captured the 2002 Golden Gloves Championships in Madison Square Garden. Ava first got into boxing when she was 17 years old. She has won 12 fights with nine knockouts. Her trainer was Al Gavin.

  • Jamo Nezzar was born December 6, 1966. He won the 1999 Amateur English Grand Prix, and the 1991 IFBB British Championships in Light Heavyweight. Here, we have Jamo's precontest training and cardio, and precontest nutrition and supplementation.