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Spring 2005

A publication that brings today's sport and fitness minded men all the things they care about in one fun to read magazine. There is a variety of articles and photo spreads ranging from sports & fitness, to fashion & grooming, including bodybuilding and extreme sports, gadgets to media, nutritional supplementation, and more more. AXL is an all encompassing guide for today's athletic man. On the cover is Laren Jones.

Spring 2005 - Table of Contents
Volume 1, Number 2

Various Features

  • Xtreme Women: Kim Sizzo
    This chart topping singer and Queen of Club Music goes one one on with AXL.

  • Body Specifics: Sports and Stamina
    Training routines and techniques for specific sports to help enhance your stamina.

  • Celebrity Profile: Tyson Beckford
    Male supermodel Tyson Beckford reveals his personal training and diet regimen.

  • In The Gym: Real People, Real Workouts
    Blasting back with 19th street gyms top personal trainer Mike Brown

  • Sexier Side of Sports: Lauren Jones
    WWE Wrestling Diva Lauren Jones jumps out of the ring and into a stunning photo spread, that is sure to make even the biggest of men weak in the knees.

  • Performance Training: Getting Vertical
    Want to get vertical? Well if you want to improve your vertical jump for sports then Plyometric training is the answer.

  • Xtreme Supplementation: NOS
    How to improve your gym workouts with NOS

  • Sports Nutrition: Turning your body into a calorie burning machine
    Learn what the best food choices are for creating a leaner and more ripped physique.

  • Bodybuilding Spotlight: IFBB Pro Will Harris
    IFBB Pro Will Harris divulges his entire pre-contest training and diet plan that catapulted him to bodybuilding's pro division.

  • Global Xtremes: Jimmy "The Iron Bull" Pellechia
    Find out how one of the most unorthodox and powerful "Strong men" on the planet trains.

  • Xtreme Entertainment: Jay Leno
    Talking motorcycles with "Tonight Show" host Jay Leno.

Various Features

  • Editor's Notes

  • Gadgets and Stuff
    The best gizmos you've got to have

  • Games of the Month
    The newest and most entertaining video games on the market.

  • DVD News
    Find out about all of the latest and hottest DVD releases

  • S.E.X.
    Playboy Playmate Rebecca Scott answers your most intimate questions.

  • Sports & Bodybuilding Sports
    Trivia, Stats and Facts from the sports and bodybuilding world.

  • Ask the Athletes
    Mayy O'Dwyer of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers talks training

  • Ergogenic Express
    How caffeine can affect your athletic performance

  • Gyms Across America
    19th Street Gym - Manhattans NY's trendiest gym

  • Up and Coming Rising Stars of the Sports World
    Boxer Sascha Blasi "The next heavyweight champion of the world"

  • Extreme Adventure
    Doing that astronaugh thing

  • Perfect Jumper
    Developing a better basketball shot