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Performance Press Magazine by John Parillo is a monthly magazine for all bodybuilding, fitness and endurance enthusiasts. It contains a lot of quality articles, but is biased towards Parillo Products, of which are a majority of all ads in the magazine. The normal size of the magazine is approximately 28 pages.

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Peformance Press
PublisherJohn Parrillo
Editor at LargeMarty Gallagher
Designer DirectorJim Reed
Contributing WritersMarty Gallagher
Maggie Greenwood-Robinson
Rob Harris
David R. Patterson
Art Robertson
Cliff Sheats
Pavel Tsatsouline
Tom S. Hunter
Contributing PhotographersJohn Parrillo
Bill Wolf

John Parrillo's Performance Press is published monthly. The subscription rate is one year (12) issues is $19.95 ($29.95 in Canada and Mexico and $49.95 in all other countries.) For advertising information, please contact Parrillo Performance at (513) 874-3305 or by e-mail at Imagesetting and printing by Gardner Graphics, (513) 527-8940. Contact Scott Clifton for service information. Our web site is at