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Fitness Rx For Men succeeds as your one stop fitness information source, focusing on the most scientific, cutting edge research available on training, diet and nutrition, and by serving it up in a comprehensive, entertaining fashion. We stick to our core concept!

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Updated August 2003

Co-PublishersElyse and Steve Blechman
Editor-in-ChiefSteve Blechman
Designer/Art DirectorElyse Blechman
Alan Dittrich
Senior EditorCarol Goldberg
Associate PublisherAdam Ginsberg
Associate EditorAlan Golnick
Art AssistantStephen Kolbasuk
Library Research CoordinatorJames Parker
Chief PhotographerPer Bernal
Photographer AssistantAnneli Bernal Scherdin
Contributing IllustratorsLyman Dally
Bill Hamilton
Advertising DirectorAngela Frizalone
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Advertising AssociateJennifer Blechman
Administrative AssistantFernanda Machado
Circulation ConsultantsIrwin Billman
Ralph Pericelli

Misc. Notes on Fitness Rx for Men Magazine

May 2003: Welcome to the premier issue of Fitness Rx for Men. It's not often that a husband and wife are afforded the unique opportunity not only to work together, but also to create a forum that reflects the lifestyle we've adhered to for the past 25 years of our marriage. Good health and fitness have always been of prime importance to us. So what's different about Fitness Rx for Men. We have read all of the other fitness magazines out there and decided there was a void that needed filling, We feel that men were hard pressed to find good, solid, accurate, scientific information concerning all the really important areas of their lives with regard to health and fitness. So, we decided to provude the ultimate prescription for the perfect body. WoW! That's a tall order! But, it's one Fitness Rx for Men plans to fill.

Fitness Rx for Men takes a refreshingly new, scientific approach to the many ways in which a man can come as close as possible to his idal of physical perfection. We will be discussing issues of appearance and style, certainly, but make no mistake about it; we believe a handsome exterior without the benefits of good health, fitness and a genuine snese of self worth is the equivalent of an empty promise.

In each issue, Fitness Rx for Men will explore the areas of exercise and training, diet and nutrition, health and performance, supplementation, sexual fulfillment and ven cosmetic enhancement. We will go where no men's magazine has gone before - carefully melding life's realities with cutting edge science from the most credible and acclaimed peer reviewed journals - to unlock all the information you need to look and feel your best. Every issue will be packed with proven solutions in the form of dynamic, intelligent articles penned by renowned experts. Every article will be geared to motivate, inform and empower you. We will be factual, but we will always be reader friendly, exhibiting a warmth and humor you're sure to enjoy.

Yes, you can look and feel younger. You can have broad shoulders and six pack abs. You can improve your level of performance. You can eat foods you like and still look lean. You can have a fulfilling sex life. In short, all this and more is possible if you understand the way your body works - and the kinds of things it responds to - and then take advantage of that knowledge. Knowledge is power. You can be the person you've always wanted to be. And Fitness Rx for Men - the ultimate guide for today's man - is here to help you make it happen.