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September 2003

Fitness Rx For Men succeeds as your one stop fitness information source, focusing on the most scientific, cutting edge research available on training, diet and nutrition, and by serving it up in a comprehensive, entertaining fashion. We stick to our core concept!

September 2003 Table of Contents


  • Training RX Special
    Including Speed of Negatives alters load on muscles; super slow rep technique unproven; caffeine boosts fat use and exercise capacity, and more.

  • Muscle Specifics
    Raising your upper chest with Incline Dumbbell Bench Press.

  • Cardio Burn
    Outdoor Cardio Workouts. Late summer / early autumn is a great time to start a cardio program or turn up the intensity a notch if you are already on one.

  • Expert Q&A

  • Body Sculpting
    For triceps development - heads you win. Use all three to develop your triceps.

Diet & Fat Loss

  • Fat Loss, RX Cuts
    By Steve Blechman and Thomas Fahey, EdD

  • Supplements RX Capsules
    Including fish oil may help cut fat; liquid meals effective for weight loss maintenance; bitter melon cuts fat and improves insulin action, and more.

  • Nutrition RX Scoops
    Including lean red meat best in high protein diets; WHO recommends less sugar; moderate fat diets don't decrease strength; and more.

  • Fat Attack
    Protien and Thermogenesis. There is also evidence that consuming a low calorie diet with a greater percentage of protein than traditionally recommended promotes greater weight loss.

  • Supplement Edge
    Whey Protein vs. Casein

  • Ultimate Nutrition
    Glycemix Index and Fat Loss

  • The MediterrAsian Diet
    Latest info on this diet


  • SexRx Quickies
    Including how to get a bigger penis; confidence is key to sex appeal; focus on her entire body; and more.

  • Health Rx Report
    Including train hard to prevent heart disease; prostate surgery may shrink your penis; impotence liked to blood vessel disease, and more.

  • Men's Health
    How much exercise do you need for good health.

Inside Edge

  • Co-Publisher's Letter
    By Elyse and Steve Blechman

  • Mail Room
    Letters from readers

  • On The Shelf
    Hot New Products


  • Style Rx Briefs
    Including Leather, Matrix style; The Collar's the Thing; Yoga: A Man Thing; and more.

  • Women of Style
    Cover Girl Victoria Silvstedt

  • Bedroom Muscle
    Sexual Fitness Q&A


  • Unilateral / Bilateral Training
    For Big Biceps. A scientific approach. Nothing says you are fit and buff better than muscular defined biceps.

  • Unilateral / Bilateral Training
    For Stronger Legs. A scientific approach. Info on growing your muscles in strength and size.

  • How To Be A Sexual Olympian
    The average male thinks about sex once every three minutes.

  • Get On The Ball!
    Flatten abs, tone muscle and gain strength, flexibility and energy.

  • The Atkins Diet Has Weight
    New Landmark Study. This past April, the world lost an innovative and compassionate physician who was a true pioneer in the field of nutrition. Dr. Robert Atkins left an enduring legacy that continues to change the way the medical establishment views weight loss and health. To the end, he remained passionate about his discoveries and the revolutionary lifestyles principles to which he dedicated his life. He will be sorely missed.